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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Please Meet 'Sampson' ..

Hello my dear friends,

have you ever done anything you could or would class as 'crazy' in your life?!

You know, something like a dare or something that you would only do once, like bungee jumping or jumping out of a plane? Or maybe you bought something very expensive? Until last year, I thought I had done my all my 'crazy' things when I was in my early 20s.

They do say, the older you get ~ the wiser you get. Well, apparently not in my case, my dear friends. I have now really done a 'crazy thing'.

I am so happy with the little things in life, I truly am but sometimes I really take to something. Normally I would have just said no but this time I thought and thought and thought some more about it. I wasn't going to buy it at first but my husband almost insisted I should 'go for it' and I can't believe I actually did. (It might have had something to do with our 25th wedding anniversary that was approaching a few days later.)

 The last time I bought something 'expensive' was over ten years ago when we were retiring from army after 22 years and moving back to Canada. Back then I bought my 45 drawer cupboard. I had saved a part of my wages every month so I could buy and take something special with me and my cupboard was that something.

Long story short now ... last August my newest treasure arrived at our front door.
(Yes, I have kept this to myself all this time.)

At first I was a little taken back a little by the way it arrived. 
Looking at the packaging you wouldn't believe what was inside of the envelope.

Packed up carefully ...

... in a somewhat unusual container ...

...  and all wrapped up tightly in bubble wrap and packed well with poly chips, ...

... here it was, hopefully undamaged and in one piece ... my newest treasure.
 It took me about five minutes to actually unwrap it, I was a little nervous and therefor was very, very careful but then it was done!

And this is the 'crazy thing' I did. I bought a beautiful and rare piece which I am now the extremely happy and so very grateful owner of.

A lovely velvet egg, almost a hundred years old,
a little tatty but oh so beautiful ...

... holds a tiny and rare treasure safe inside it's 'shell'.

Once opened this is what you will see ...

... a tiny chick pincushion that lives inside the egg.

Do you remember me telling you about it sometime last year?

A true piece of beautful art!

So you can get an idea of it's true size, here it is next to a penny. 

 Isn't it the tiniest and prettiest little thing?!

And because I am me, I also gave this little 'critter' a name. 

I named him 'Sampson' after the founder of the company where he was made. 

This is where my little egg and Sampson lives for now, in one of the nests I made from the grass that washed up on the shore of Lake Huron at Grand Bend.

Didn't I tell you I did a crazy thing?! 

I still can't believe I actuall own this rare stunning antique. I actually feel a little dizzy thinking about it but it is now one of my very special treasures. Every other day I pick it up and look at the little silver critter inside and then return it to it's nest. Honestly I think that I am good with doing crazy things for a very, very long time.

Please don't think for a second that I am trying to show off or that I am boasting. I am just 'oh so excited' about this new treasure of mine and just had to finally share it with all of you.

Thank you for taking the time to visit me today here at Todolwen. It is always so nice when you do.

I hope you are well and life is treating you kind my dear friends,

Have a peaceful and creative day,


  1. Congratulations, Sampson is beautiful!!

  2. Ohmygoodness...What a beautiful treasure!!!! I know you love it, I love it too! Little Sampson definitely has found his true home! xoxo, Dawn

  3. Was für ein Schmuckstück! Unglaublich, was früher gemacht wurde....

  4. You belong together! Such a lovely kind of crazy you engage in. So glad you have this lovely pin cushion.

  5. So happy for you and your new treasure. You deserve it! You were meant to be together!

  6. I love to hear about treasures that people find and love. Sampson is just so perfect for you. This post just made me smile. Thanks for sharing and letting us enjoy him too!!!

  7. I have no trouble understanding what drew you to this little treasure.
    Sometimes it's those sweet little precious things that speak to us.
    It definitely would have spoken to me if I'd seen it first!!!!!
    It's just the perfect thing for a nest lady like you isn't it?

  8. Reading your post made me smile so I can imagine how you must feel when actually holding your little treasure. Well done for getting him - life is too short for regrets which I'm sure you would have had if you'd passed by the opportunity. x

  9. I can see that it brings great joy to you! Enjoy! xxx

  10. oh my goodness! that is the sweeetest thing I've ever seen! i'm sure you're ever so happy you splurged on it..what a treasure! :)

  11. Sampson is so lucky to have found such a loving home. And you are so lucky to be the loving caretaker of this very special tiny treasure.

  12. So Karen how much did it set you back????

  13. Oh my, what a sweet tiny little bird in that wonderful velvet egg. I LOVE it, and can see why you could not resist buying it. Congratulations!!!!!

  14. Hey Karen, Congratulations on your adoption, Sampson is adorable!!

  15. What a wonderful treasure Sampson will bring you endless pleasure Thank you for sharing something so special

    linda m

  16. What a treasure. I wonder what Sampson's history is? Delightful!

  17. What a treasure. I wonder what Sampson's history is? Delightful!

  18. Oh my goodness - drool, drool!!! I think you richly deserve to have Sampson live with you, no matter the cost. I know you will treasure him and so therefore it was definitely meant to be.

  19. Oh how lovely Karen! I can understan you must have this egg!!!

    Hugs Ines♥