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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A Goose Filled Morning ..

Hello my dear friends,

have I ever told you that Canadian geese are one of my most favorite creatures?

A few months ago, one morning after I took my younger daughter to high school, I was standing at a traffic junction when I heard some geese honking. You would normally think that you would then see them flying by but not this time. I turned to see where the 'noise' was coming from and there they were, standing high up on the peak of a church roof. No need to say that I was quite suprised since I have never seen these large birds land on a building before and I just had to capture this in a few photos to share.

 Of course I had to share what I saw with some of my neighbours when I got back home.Whilst standing and chatting about this, we noticed two Canadian geese flying down the our street and that quite low. Of course I was buzzed, like I said I just love these beautiful birds! I actually shouted out to them, inviting them to land in our garden and to use our pool. My neighbors thought that I was very funny but they didn't laugh for too long when all of the sudden these two geese actually landed on our roof top! I was beyond thrilled!

The two geese stayed there for a good twenty minutes or so, honking loudly and walking back and forth.

At one point this one stood right at the front of the roof, so proud and beautiful.

Then all of the sudden they just started to flap their wings and flew away, leaving us behind with memories of this neat happening. 

I just love it when simple things like this make my day and I wish you all simple things that put a smile on your face and in your heart.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. Ahhh... I love your photos so much! To catch a snapshot while they are flighing is the greatest for me!

    Hugs from Ines,
    who returned on saturday from greece :-)

  2. Such a wonderful experience, dear Karen!! And how wonderful that they landed on your roof as well! May be they were hoping for some yummy food :) Thank you for sharing this story and your photos of it. It brought a big smile on my face :) Sending you big hugs, xx

  3. Wie schön! Was für ein wunderbares Erlebnis!
    Danke von Herzen, dass du das mit uns geteilt hast

  4. They just knew they had to stop and visit with you...

  5. They are so handsome! Sometimes they march on the sidewalk near my office building!

  6. Hallo Karen!
    When I read your post, I remembered the story of "Nils Holgersson". This animals ar really beautiful, I like it.
    Thanks for your pictures.
    BR - Margit

    1. Hi Margit,
      I remember that story too. I would love to follow you but you don't have an option to do so on your blog or I just can seem to find it. Email me please via your email address so I can reply to you. Hugs, Karen B.

  7. Honk Honk! Beautiful photos! They stand so proud when they're still. We were in our boat two summers ago and my son crushed a bag and stuffed it under one of the seats as to not blow away. A trail of those guys 11 long followed us forever! We were terrified they would be caught in the motor. They finally lost interest after about an hour and we spent the rest of the evening being as quiet as we could:)

  8. Well, I love your story and I love your photos but let me tell you - I do NOT love these things. My husband and I were attacked - chased and attacked by them. Nope - no more.

    But you go right ahead and keep loving them :-)

  9. What a beautiful treat to have happened for you and how amazing they chose your home to visit. They must have noticed you looking and taking an interest in the geese on the church and realized you are a kindred spirit so, decided to make your day extra special for you. Now you will be able to treasure that memory forever. Just goes to show how important it is to be grateful for the simple thins in our life because they make it such a wonderful world. Thank you for sharing your special day with your lovely story and precious photos.
    Warmest best wishes

  10. That's something I have never seen before - we have geese here of course, but I have never seen them on a roof. Amazing photos - thank you.