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Monday, August 17, 2015

My Love For Old Things ...

Hello my dear friends,

you know how you see something and you fall in love with it but you can't have it because it is pricey?! No, I am not talking about a diamond ring or a house or car. I am talking about the little beautiful things and that is what this post is about ... a little treasure I have discovered.

I have a love for old things and especially when it comes to things from the Victorian and Edwardian days ... it is almost like I have been there and seen and felt it. Normally it is not the 'posh' pieces that would have live in a large mansion with the upper class that I am drawn to but it is the everyday pieces that would have been found in a little house with the working people. This time though it is different. I am in love with a little something very 'posh'.

Just take a look at it! ...

... it is a Edwardian pincushion in the shape of a tiny bird ...

... that lives in a little 'egg'!
Oh my ... this is such a beautiful piece!!

(All photos courtesy of SellingAntiques.co.uk)

This is an antique Sampson & Morden silver hatching chick pincushion with case.
It was made in Chester, England in 1913 and it is classed as incredibly rare because it is still together as one. The cost to buy this gem right now is almost US 1000! Oh ... how I wish I had $!000 to spare. (sigh)  Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket this week ... you never know?!
But it is always nice to have a little dream!

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. Karen I thought you had it and was completely jealous!! I'm in love with it! Well I don't have the money to buy it either, so you still have a chance if you get those lottery tickets! One can dream can't we?

  2. Das ist ja absolut süss!!! Ich drücke dir die Daumen, dass du den Gewinn knackst ;)

  3. Thanks for sharing something so sweet - I have never seen anything like it. Wish you it could make its home with you. Have a creative day.

  4. Oh Karen... I can understand why you are dreaming of this little bird in it's egg.
    Hugs Ines♥

  5. I love that little piece on so many levels, from a love of antiques, antique sewing notions, and just beautiful bird objects. Thank you for sharing this! Pinning to my antique sewing notions board.

  6. Oh how sweet! I've never seen such a thing and I can see why you would be hoping to win a lottery so you could buy it (I feel the same way over pretty much any piece that you create!!).

  7. Wow !! It's beautiful ! I have never seen anything like this !! I can't afford this either !!

  8. This is just the sweetest. I love it too, and alas I don't have extra cash laying around to purchase it either. My mother had a thimble inside a walnut shell, I'm sure was silver plate, and belonged to grandmother. When my mother passed I was hoping I'd get it, but as we children pulled numbers out of a hat, it wasn't to be. I've seen items like it, but not the same when it's not a family heirloom.
    I'd take this in a heartbeat...family heirloom or no!!!!!

  9. This is gorgeous Karen but just having seen it makes me feel happy so thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures. Its good to have a dream but I'm sure what you make will be treasured as heirlooms by future generations too so keep being inspired by lovely old things like this. Margie x

  10. Oh yeah .... posh indeed. Pricey indeed as well.

    Go for it!