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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Winter Arrived Overnight ..

Hello my dear friends,

I am really sorry I have been posting very much lately, I just have been quite busy with all sorts around the house and other things, including a teeny tiny bit of creating which I will
share with you soon.

I can't say that I didn't know it was coming but it came over night ... Winter and with it finally snow and quite a bit of it too.

After we had a 'green' Christmas which not only I wasn't too happy with, last night the white glistening flakes started to fall and it hasn't stopped yet. On the dot at 7 am there I was all bundled up warm clearing snow from driveways with the help of my trusty friend, our snow blower. It didn't take too long and three driveways and paths were cleared but unfortunately our snow blower got damaged due to a large piece of stone that had been broken off a little stone wall by one of the city's sidewalk snow blowers. Some of those guys don't really care I think at times and just go for it. Oh damage ... it's not their property so whatever basically. (My little rant of the day.) Now my hubby will have to take a look at it and hopefully we can fix it for the next coming snowfall.

As you all know, the one thing I just love doing is taking photos of our backyard and critters that live or visit it and share them with you.

This is one of our little squirrels yesterday before the snow came, enjoying a few peanuts on our deck rail.

Maybe I should said our chunky little squirrel because he or she is very well fed as you can see.

This was our backyard first thing this morning just as it was turning dawn.

My camera picked up this amazing blue/grayish color of the cold morning outside.
(Or maybe my setting are just off?!)

Right now it is much brighter and it still snowing a lot and we actually had white~out conditions all morning. The  forecast is for every 12 hours we might get 8 to 10 inches of snow. So .. I think I am not going to head out anymore today. Maybe I will finally be able to be a little creative again, who knows?!

Here are just a few more photos I took earlier today ~ I hope you enjoy them.

My dear friends, where ever you are ~ please be safe.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. I love seeing the pictures of the snow but do not miss it...I used to enjoy walking at 3 or 4 am with my schnauzer with the softly falling snow or newly fallen snow...silent and we made the first prints....

  2. I'm not a fan of winter, but I do enjoy seeing it 'all pretty' like it is in your pictures. Bitter cold here today, so happy to stay inside and play with needle and threads.

  3. Hi Karen, you have such a wonderful eye for finding beauty and artistic flare in your photography. Thank you for sharing with us. Blessings and smiles, Emilou :-)

  4. I love seeing the snow piled high on the "sticks". Some of them look like mushrooms, and others look like cotton bolls. It won't be snowing here, as far as I know, but it is getting down to 18 degrees F. For southeastern North Carolina, THAT is cold! Stay warm, and I hope the snow blower can be repaired easily. Thank you for the snow pictures. I think those will do until next year!

  5. Gorgeous photographs, Karen. I have to say, my absolute favourite is the one of your fat squirrel, what a little chubster! We had one of those in the garden as well a couple of years ago. I kept stealing all the bird food and got absolutely enormous.
    Stay warm and keep crafting! xx

  6. You most definitely are living in a Winter Wonderland. Your photographs are simply beautiful and I want to steal them and call them my own. (Wouldn't do that though, ya know!) Stay in, be warm and be creative!

    have fun!

  7. A perfect day to create!!!!!!!!!!! It is very cold here in the South, 9 degrees minus 5 degrees wind chill but no snow. Make a pot to tea and enjoy this peaceful day.

  8. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... how lovely your photos are!
    I love this very well fed squirrel so much!!!! How amazing you can take such photos.
    Here it is raining and raining and tomorrow should come 11°C and so days later 13°C.
    Isn't it crazy?
    Enjoy your "late Christmas weather" ;-).

    Hugs Ines♥

  9. Beautiful photos--it may be winter and snowing but that squirrel looks like he has not missed any meals