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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Christmas Mail From 'Down Under' ..

Hello my dear friends,

 I didn't have time to share this until now but about a week ago I found an envelope in my mailbox that came all the way from Australia and was sent by lovely Suzy.

I was actually awaiting it's arrival a little impatiently already and with a little worry too because I knew it was on it's way and the possibility of it getting lost in all the Christmas mail that gets sent around the world was there ... but it was here now and I am so happy.

After carefully opening the envelope ... 

... this is what I discovered!

Wrap carefully there was one of ...

... Suzi's beautiful and stunning handmade cards ...

... the neatest little thing about it is that she added one of the little silver flowers I had sent her for Christmas.

Even the inside has been embellished so nicely too.

So many little treasures just kept appearing ~ take a look ..

Stamped papers ...

... vintage postcards ...

... lovely napkins ...

... stamped strips of fabric ...

... beautiful lace ... it was like never ending.

Just look at this little vintage crochet pouch ~ so beautiful!

And last but not least ...

... a handmade gift tag with a little Christmas message ... again beautiful and a true treasure and keepsake just like the beautiful card Suzy had made for me!

Thank you so much Suzy for being so kind and making me feel like a little child at Christmas again in that moment.

I will be sharing a little more about Christmas in the next few weeks since I didn't get to do so in time, so if you have a few spare moments, do stop by sometime again.

I hope you are well and life is treating you kind my dear friends.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. Oh wow.... so very beautiful and lovely gifts, and the card is amazing!
    Lovely Karen received lovely gifts! That's the reason :-).

    Hugs Ines♥

  2. I would say someone was a VERY good girl last year!!

  3. Hello dear Karen,
    I am so glad your little packet finally arrived. We were on tender hooks there for a while wondering if it would actually get there. It is simply amazing how much one can put into one packet along with a large card like pieces of lace, fabric, postcards, stamped cards, paper napkins and a little crocheted bag!
    I am thrilled that you love everything and that you could feel like a little child at Christmas once again when opening it all!
    Thank you so much for sharing it here and for your beautiful photography! Your photos are always so beautiful!
    Love and hugs to you dear,

  4. Sooooooooooo lucky ... yes, you certainly are. Suzy's work is absolutely stunning and I know you will treasure everything for the rest of your years here on earth. Just gorgeous!!!


  5. Karen: What a positively lovely package, that lace is beautiful and the printed cards wow so sweet.
    Lucky Girl.