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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Oh Come Let Us Adore Him ..

Hello my dear friends,

a few weeks ago I was gifted a little something by a very lovely lady I know.
What was I gifted? ...  Take a look at the picture below!

 This little very special piece from a nativity scene was found on the floor in the craft store where this lovely lady works and no one knew where it belonged, so it was stuck to a pillar at her work station until I visited her a few weeks ago and commented more than once on it. I liked it so much and she just suddenly pulled it off the pillar and said .."Here, you can have it! Make something with it." Such a sweet thing of her to do!  I just love him so much.

 The poor little piece had some damage and whilst working on this creation, slowly memories started returning to me of when I was a little girl maybe about 3 or 4 years old. My Dad and I went shopping for a Christmas gift for my Mom and there in the store were some nativity scenes standing on the shelves and that is when I saw him. All I wanted was the baby Jesus in his little crib filled with hay. That day that little girl went home very, very happy carrying in her hands her little baby Jesus.

Unfortunately over the years and our big move overseas, my baby Jesus was lost ...

 ... but now I have a new one and my 'little girl' heart is once again filled with joy!

I hope you have enjoyed my newest creation ~ it was such a lovely and peaceful project for me to work on.

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Thank you for stopping by and visiting me today, here at Todolwen.

I hope you are well and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. Was für eine berührende Geschichte!

  2. So precious! What a beautiful piece.

  3. Gorgeous!! What a fond memory and now baby Jesus has returned to you. Maybe not the same one as all those years ago, but a new one to allow the tradition to continue. Thank you for sharing. Love ya' Patricia B

  4. What a wonderful story and what a lovely creation!

    Hugs Ines♥

  5. How very special and you've made such a lovely place for Him to lay.


  6. How wonderful! I do hope you don't plan to sell this one, because the memories are just too special.

  7. QUe precioso detalle, como me gusta!!!! bss

  8. THIS PIECE is probably the most beautiful you've ever created. Perhaps because it holds such a special place in your heart and soul. Treasure it!