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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Springtime Babies ..

Hello my dear friends,

with Springtime finally here and hopefully staying more wildlife babies are being born.

Since just over a week we have been aware of a pair of Canadian geese (which are one of my most favourite animals) that have chosen the 'frog' pond in the park down our road as their nesting place. Of course we have been to visit a few times now and it is so nice to see them in our neighbourhood, feeling safe and wanting to have their babies here.

 Mama goose is sitting tight on that nest since weeks keeping the eggs nice and warm ...

 ...whilst Papa goose is making sure no one gets too close.
That was last week.
Yesterday we took some corn and grain to the pond and we knew right away something was different.

Mama goose had her wings covering the entire nest ~ it had rained earlier and to me that was a sign of something special ... we just had to be still and quiet and wait.

And then we saw something so beautiful ...

... a baby goose that hatched that morning!

A little later suddenly three more little feathered babies showed themselves too!

We left shortly after we took a few more photos so they could rest again.
Some of the photos I am sharing today were taken by my younger daughter Caylagh B. She is getting very good at pressing that button at the perfect time. She asked for me not to edit any of the because she prefers it that way and they are stunning.

And this is why they call it the frog pond.
Not only are there many, many frogs that sing so nicely but also a few snapper turtles live in the pond too.

Today we went back again and had a huge surprise waiting for us ...

 ... there were 6 little goslings in total now!

One cuter than the other!

We kept our distance not to worry the parents and goslings too much as they took a walk down the path along the creek and it was such a lovely sight. I am sure we are going to go back in the next few days to see how they are doing.

A short update on the bunny rescue ...

... as far as we can tell the three little bunnies left the nest a few days after we placed the basket over it. The last time they were seen, they were happily jumping in the grass of my neighbour's garden. Hopefully they will still be around in our neighbourhood.

Thank you for visiting me today here at Todolwen and it would be so nice if you would do so soon again.

I hope you are well and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.



  1. Your geese are beautiful, and both you and your daughter take wonderful photos. Kudos to Caylagh for not wanting to edit her photos. I love to see the "real" thing, and rarely edit my own, unless, of course, I accidentally include my foot in the photo! Have a great weekend! Sue

  2. what fabulous photos! The ones of the little babies peeking out from under the mother are just wonderful and then I love seeing them all walking together on the road. thanks for sharing the photos.

  3. Such wonderful pictures! We have a pond down the street and there were some baby ducks, mallards there the other day. The rabbits are out munching every morning. I just love this time of year.
    i saw a Baltimore Oriole at my feeder the other day!

  4. I loved visiting with you and your nature friends!

  5. So wonderful are your photos!
    What has happend to the rabbits since the rabbit post???
    Are they still alive? Hope so!

    Hugs Ines♥

  6. You had some spectacular shots of those fluffy goslings. I always feel quite special and honoured when a pair of ducks or geese chooses to nest by our ponds.

  7. What precious little faces peeking out from under mom's wing!!! Those turtle are dangerous and eat up those babies if they can get them in the water........watch out!!!

  8. This post was a wonderful way to start my day. Thank you. They are such a treat to have so close, and your photos are wonderful.

  9. These photos of the goose family are so wonderful...love that sweet baby!!