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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Decluttering My Studio ~ Total Chaos ..

Hello my dear friends,

I hate when things start to drag but I sort of knew this would happen. I started full steam ahead with my studio and working on reorganizing it but I have been climbing the mountain very slowly. Keep in mind I am very busy otherwise but I also think I am just I need of a little more sunshine to get myself out of the hibernation mode I seem to be stuck in still.

 Unfortunately I haven't made many 'as I go' photos because I didn't even think of doing so when I first started this 'project'. I don't really think I am going to share too many along the way neither. Why? .. I would love to surprise you all when it is done! You know with photos before and after. That's if I can find any before photos (fingers crossed).

 I am actually planning on sharing my 'new' studio on this year's 'Where Bloggers Create' and I am so excited about it already! I have wanted to take part in this event since a few years now but never made but not only that, it also gives my more time to work on the little things until then.
(Unfortunately I still am having slight problems with my camera's focus.)

Instead of getting better, things had gotten much worse to my dismay at one time but it is looking much better than in the photo above already. I didn't think that this would be a walk in the park but I also didn't think that starting from the bottom would be so intense. I do know though at the end of it I will be very happy with the result.  

After I pulled everything out all at once I took my new boxes from Michaels and placed them onto the floor in a row and placed piece by piece inside the box it was meant to be in. That done, I made tags for the boxes so everything would able to be found right away and easily.
Everything needed a proper 'home' to live in.

My vintage linen and doilies found theirs in a drawer of my old dresser ...

...as did some of my old bits and pieces of treasures.
My stage coach trunk from the 1800's now houses all my lovely wool and yarn.
 I bought it in England many years ago and it only cost 7 GB Pounds which is about $14 and would you believe it ... nobody wanted it! All the better for me ~ it is a true treasure.

I don't know if I am going repaint the inside or not so a plastic bag will do for now to keep my wool protected. I never had thought of using my old tins and chests to store my supplies in instead of just showing them off  but it was the perfect solution. Again I am giving something old and unused a new life and not only that, I also am surrounded by my treasures in my studio. Like I said ...perfect!

More old boxes from rummage sales were covered with music sheets and some of them got neat chalkboard type labels.

I again re-found more things I had forgotten I had or just forgotten where I had put them ...

... like these bottle brush trees I had bleached last year ...

... or these pieces of old jewellery that I found hiding away in a box under some large books ....

... or these unfinished little 'Cupboard Mice' that were sleeping in an old tin.

This just tells you how unorganized I really was and didn't notice it because I would always (most always) know where everything was. I think that I what you call 'organized chaos'.

And it wouldn't be any fun ...

... without at least one of our cats helping out a little.

Iris decided to play in the unused pieces of my daughter's wedding dress but luckily didn't tear any of it. I am working on what I could create from it but so far I haven't come up with anything just yet.

Overall the best bit of advise I can give you is to find a home for everything ...


... so everything has it's place ~ it will make you feel that tiny bit happier in the end.

Another thing is to be firm with what you decide to hold on to.  I always make three piles when I de-clutter. One is to keep, one is to sell or donate and the last one is trash and I did so with this project too. I must say that so far there was very little for the trash pile but a nice amount for donating. Some of it went to a charity store and several bags went to my daughter Caylagh's school for the younger children to craft with. The thanks I received was so nice ~ a big hug and many smiles ~ again perfect!

I am still not at the finish line but working towards it.
My German Grandma always said " Gut Ding will Weil haben" meaning ... good things take time.
I am just hoping not too long and in time.

I would love for you to visit me again some time here at Todolwen and until then ...

I hope you are well and life is treating you kind dear friends.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. When we moved into an apartment a couple of years ago I was forced to do this and managed to decrease the sheer amount of supplies I had. Funny how it's managing to creep back in again. I have, however, stuck to my intention to only have/keep things that I will be able to use in my crazy quilting. Good luck with your project!

  2. Well, you sound very happy and chipper doing this work!!! I love doing this kind of organizing, you find things you thought were lost or never knew you had!!! I prefer see through storage and use zip lock bags for most smalls, then store them in a basket or box. Is this room in the basement you had finished off or in another part of your home??? Have fun!!!

  3. I know how much work this is, Karen, I do it every 3 months it seems. I simply adore your plan to have everything in it's place. Your containers are amazing, I love the music sheet covered boxes, so pretty. I am so against plastic but I do have a few simply because you can see through them. They are tucked away, though. Like you, I want my supplies kept in vintage containers.

    Good Luck and keep goin' - you are making progress.

  4. This is a big job, I know. I'm still not ready. In my work place's name: creative chaos room.
    Mamka from Hungary

  5. Good luck to you! Karen, you're inspiring me to get organized. My room is a disaster right now I could scream. I just don't have the space anymore!

  6. Dein Chaos ist beruhigend! Es liegt also nicht nur bei mir viel herum ;)

  7. Yes, da hatte die Oma Recht!
    You will make it!
    I have just painted a wall in my room and have done it like you with the 3 piles.
    It helps a lot, when nothing is standing around, when you try to paint a wall :-).

    Hugs Ines♥

  8. I try to organize but it never looks like I have. I need a whole make over and that will never happen you look like your have it under control. Hope come visit and leave a comment. Laura

  9. there is a saying, it's always darkest before the dawn, so too with organizing. I commend you for doing such a great job. Thank you so much for the fabric! The tiny butterflies cut out of paper were so sweet. I am so in love with your butterflies! And the package wrapped up with the tiniest butterfly, so precious. I was visiting my son in Texas for the last 2 weeks and your package was waiting for me at home. My son also fixed the no reply blogger thingy for me. Good luck with your studio. I have always wanted to participate in Where Bloggers Create also.

  10. Great inspiration! I still have to tackle my clutter- Love the pretty storage containers & using muffin tins for holding odds and ends is so clever!

  11. Love what you are doing...from time to time I do the "reorg" too and it makes you feel so good when you are finished. Can't wait to see you in Where Women Create!

  12. Thanks for letting me know that I'm not the only one who lives with "organized chaos" lol I'm starting tomorrow on a make-over for my craft room. I haven't been able to use it for about seven months, that's how bad mine is!! Good luck on yours and please wish me luck on mine!! Tfs Patricia B

  13. It looks wonderful Karen, even if you aren't yet at he Finish Line... You'll have it all the way you want it soon, and be able to dhow it off beautifully in WBC. Hard work pays off, and you'll have a lovely creative space when all is done!

  14. Poder treballar en un lloc ordenat fa més fàcil la feina. Endavant!!!
    Una abraçada

  15. I love to re-organize, and do so regularly. I must have 24 boxes, and at least 18 clear shoe totes I use to store my supplies......somehow, I keep needing more boxes and totes............ lol!