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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Beautiful Mercury Glass

Hello my dear friends,

have you noticed all the beautiful Christmas decorations and ornaments that are slowly but surely appearing in the stores these days ...?

My daughters and I went out on Saturday just for fun mainly because I wanted to spend a little time out of the house (please don't misunderstand me I love being in my house ..) but I was in need of seeing something else than dirt and dust. Also my daughter Ashleigh was searching for decorations for the tables at her wedding reception and dinner and we all agreed that 'Home Sense' was the place to go. Just in case you don't know 'Home Sense' it is a home store that sells the most wonderful things for your home, all sorts and pieces to do with cooking, gift ware and much more. It is a great store and I don't often buy 'new' things since I am more of an antique finding person ~ if that makes sense ~ but I really like this store!

Anyways ...

...ornaments .... there were so many boxes of ornaments and a entire isle just full of single hanging ornaments in a vast array of sizes and colors and styles too and all are equally beautiful ~ I felt like a child in a candy shop!

And like a child in a candy store ... you can not leave without buying something and so I did!

I bought three ornaments ~ take a look ...

... see ...

... I told you ...
... so beautiful!
I can tell you ~ it was sure hard to pick which ornaments I really liked the most!
My daughter Ashleigh fell in love with the ornaments as well and bought a lot of them in shades of lilac, silver and white which she is going to use for her wedding. The feel of her wedding is vintage, silver and lilac but it is not a Christmas or winter wedding. I can already see it in my mind and it is going to look amazing once it has happened which will be in about 11 months. So you and I too will have to wait a little while still to see how beautiful it will be.
But ... that doesn't mean there will be nothing else here to see in the mean while! Please drop by for time to time as see what I have been up to.
I hope you are well and life is treating you kind my dear friends.
Have a peaceful and creative day,
Karen B.


  1. I have found some of the neatest things that were "Christmas" ornaments that I have out all year round. Your daughter has figured that out too. I think the pieces you bought don't have to be used just at Christmas either. They are quite nice...sounds like a great store to a bit crazy in.

  2. Those are so beautiful. I just picked up some mercury glass ornaments at Hobby Lobby today! The were all 50% off. I am going to do those and vintage sheet music ornaments I have made. Your daughter's wedding sounds great!!

  3. There is nothing more wonderful than a newly finished basement. I wish you years and years of joy decorating and redecorating to your heart's content.

  4. I would have had a hard time leaving those beautiful ornaments too.Your daughter's wedding plans sound beautiful.Hugs,Jen

  5. The ornaments you have chosen are just gorgeous Karen - they have that old look about them. We have a trip planned to the city for Monday so hopefully the Homesense there will have them too - I think I need two or three to add to my own tree!
    Your daughter's wedding sounds like it will be fabulous too - I love the idea of the ornaments as wedding decorations....