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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Challenge To Myself ~ Part 2

Hello my dear friends,

thank you for stopping by to check out what I have been up to here at Todolwen. Today I would like share the second part of the 'challenge to myself '. I am sure I am in need of glasses after completing this challenge ~ sewing super tiny stitches by hand isn't good for my eyes anymore but I did it.  I have had so much fun creating these tiny beings and I am sure there will be more wee mice living in my home in the future. I have not only made another tiny mouse and this one is the smallest so far but I have also given the first two their final look including whiskers, homes and names.

My first wee mouse was this one ...

... her name is Peasblossom ...

... and her home is a little lace bed in an a small vintage sieve.

Then came my second little critter ...

~ Mr. Jingles ~

And finally there is my smallest little creature (so far) ...

... this one ~ it is such a tiny wee mouse!!

This is the little fellow before he was completed ...

... and this is him in all his tininess and his name is ... Pea~Wee!

... and this is his tiny home. He loves to sleep in his wee walnut bed all cuddly and soft!

Here are all my little critters together ...

... I think they are the most cutest wee mice ever!!!

I hope you have enjoyed the challenge I gave myself as much as I have because I truly have had so much fun pushing myself to keep creating something smaller than I have ever created before.

It is good to challenge yourself at times ~ it could be the smallest thing ever ~ it is just good to be able to prove to yourself that you can do it!!!

I hope you are well and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day,

Karen B.


  1. oooooooooooh, they are SO cute!!!!!!!!!
    It is a challenge indeed.
    So tiny.


  2. They are the sweetest little mice ever. And that darling little bed for the very wee one, just too precious.

  3. So very cute. I love how you aged the fabirc you used to make the wee little ones. great job, and challenge met.

  4. Pea-Wee turned out just adorably and I love his wee-nut bed! So,so cute.

  5. I always love my visits here. The tiny mice are too cute. I love Mr. Jingles!

  6. I love your little mice! Ages ago (1976?) I purchased a little felt mouse asleep in a walnut bed, complete with a cloth quilt. It has graced every Christmas tree since, always near the angel top.

  7. how very nice this little mice!!