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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You Made My Heart Warm And I Won!!!

Hello my dear friends,

I am sorry for not posting this earlier, but I have been quite sick in bed. My back went from bad to worse and I couldn't stand or sit for 4 days now (I am writing this standing). On top of my back pain, I also ended up getting a very nasty cold and cough that made me feel even worse. And the worst thing about being sick is, it was my daughter Ashleigh's 21st birthday on Sunday and we couldn't really celebrate it. I was so sad!

My beautiful baby daughter Ashleigh the day she was born March 13th 1990.

Now I would like to tell you all, how HAPPY you have made me with all your kind words about my last tutorial. I am over the moon that you all like it so much!! Thank you all for your comments and all your well wishes. You made my heart very warm!!!!! I hope I can make a new tutorial some time soon again.

You will never guess what I woke up to on Friday morning............. SNOW!!! Again it had snowed all night, after all the rain we had during the day before - the snow had almost all gone - and now more of the WHITE BEAUTIFUL STUFF!!

This is my backyard at 7 am in the morning!  WONDERFUL!!!!

It looks like a million ice fairies had visited my backyard. They must have danced there all night and covered everything with a blanket of their best sparkles and glittering dust. I now have my very own little Winter Wonderland even if it is only for a very short time.

And last but not least ....

I WON !!!!!! ( as I dance around my kitchen - but only in my mind) Or rather I got picked!! I am so thrilled!! I am one of the two lucky winners of Sonya's giveaway!!!

For those of you that don't know Sonya, she is a lovely lady and you should drop by her blog and take a look - you won't regret it - it is great!!!

Now I am going to go and rest for a little while. I wish you well and look after yourselves!

I hope you have a creative and peaceful day,

Karen B.


  1. Give your daughter a Birthday hug for me. I hope you will be feeling better real soon. Sending prayers, Vicky

  2. Hi Karen,
    Happy Birthday to Ashleigh! And still praying for you!
    Wow! Did it snow or what? I'm ready for spring, how about you?
    And thank you for the sweet words!
    Sending healing prayers your way,

  3. Congratulations on your daughter's birthday and on your winning!
    get well soon! :-)

  4. I hope your back is soon better ~ as a fellow sufferer (prolapsed disc three years ago!), I feel your pain!

    And happy 21st birthday wishes to your daughter (((hugs)))

  5. Happy birthday to your daughter. Hope you feel better soon and yes please, post another tutorial soon, I can't wait.
    XXXX Ido

  6. Karen, happy birthday to your daughter. And...the feather tutorial was WONDERFUL! I've made to that I tucked onto a tray on my dresser and 3 out of music scrapbook paper which I added to a flower arrangement on my coffee table. Thank you for the lovely idea. I don't think I'm finished yet! More feathers to come!
    I've added you to my list of favorites on my blog so I hope you have a lot more people visiting.
    Hugs, Diane