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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ribbon and Lace Tassel Tutorial

Hello my dear friends,

this is what I made with some of the lace I showed you yesterday. It is a decorative tassel which you could use to hang on your door, wall or anywhere you would like. I didn't buy anything for this creation - I found everything in my craft room and it is very easy to make.
The measurements are only a guideline. You can make this tassel any size you would like, it all depends on what you would like to use it for and where you would like to hang it.
What you will need:

- Ribbon, lace, cotton trimmings, organza in various colors or shades of a color of your choice -   
  I used 16 types of ribbons/lace in different widths.
- 2 old keys
- 2 old buckles - mine were either shoe or watch buckles.
- An old hinge - the one I used had 3 holes on each part.
- A vintage brooch - which I didn't use in the end, but that's up to you.
How to make the tassel:

Start by cutting your ribbons/lace into the lengths you will use. My longest piece was 42 inches long and my shortest was 36 inches long. I used 15 different ribbons/lace for the tassel and one piece of 26 inch lace for the hanger.
 Cut the ends off diagonally.
 The next step is to lie your ribbons/lace down and find the center of them.
Now using the 26 inch piece of lace, tie the center of the ribbons/lace together.
 Then place your hinge onto where the knot is and using the ends of the 24 inch lace tie the hinge to the ribbons/lace and make a double knot.
Make a knot further down the piece of 26 inch lace. This will make the hanger.
Using thin organza ribbon, (or you can use other ribbon if you like) loop tie it to each of your keys. This ribbon was cut into two different shorter lengths.  
Thread the ends of the 2 ribbons with the keys through the center hole of the hinge.     

Make a knot into the ribbons. This will hold the keys in place.

 Tie the ends into a small bow...
and cut the ends off diagonally.
 Using a very thick needle make a hole into the ribbon where you would like to place your buckle and thread your ribbon through the buckle.
 This is what it will look like once the buckle is attached.
Now you can make some single knots into individual pieces of ribbon/lace closer to the ends.

 You are almost done! If you like, you can decorate your hinge with a vintage brooch like in this picture, but you don't have to. I ended up not using the brooch after all.

 I prefer the plainer look, so you don't lose sight of the hinge.

 A closer look at the keys and how they are placed ...

and a closer look at the ends of the tassel.

Your tassel is now finished! This would make a lovely little gift for yourself or a friend.
I hope you have enjoyed this little creation and tutorial, please let me know what you think!

Have a peaceful and creative day,

Karen B.


  1. Adorable!!
    Great idea using that hinge on the top.
    It gave am another idea!

    Big hugs
    barbara jean

  2. Karen ~
    That is soooo very gorgeous !!!
    I LOVE the hinge at the top too ~


  3. Very nice- but more silly CATS would cream them!! I need more girly thingsin this house- I think I might try this for some coolr tie backs for my curtains.

  4. Very clever with the hinge!!! will have to try this one, thanks for sharing.....hugs...cleo

  5. Your tassel utilizing the hinge is brilliant! F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. Thank you very much for sharing your technique. Happy weekend...

  6. This is gorgeous! I also love the little cabinet in your post below! So unique! I made lots of feathers today from your tutorial! I'm going to post about it! :-)
    Hugs, Diane

  7. Thank you Karen forsharing this lace tassel idea. I am still back trying the feathers from a few weeks ago.

    You have great ideas.



  8. I would have never thought of using a hinge for this, what a clever idea. It looks great.

  9. Beautiful - the hinge is just the perfect thing! You make it looks so simple but I know i will bits and pieces twisting and turning every which way!
    Thank you for this and it was nice to "meet" - Diane sent me and I am so glad she did.

  10. Incredibly beautiful... you are a true genius!

  11. Another lovely idea that you've come up with. I love all of your creations.
    Thanks for sharing them. Kathi