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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Time To Reveal ...

Hello my dear friends,

in my last post I shared a sneak peek of something I was working which was this ...

... a large tin egg half.

It is now finally done and that means it's time to turn it around ...

... so you can see what I have done with it.

And here it is ... my newest creation!

I am so very please with the way it has turned out. 

When I found this egg a few months ago, I knew I wanted to turn it into something special and my dandelion blowy flowers turned out to be perfect for it.


The word on the tag reads "Lowenzahn" which is the German word for "dandelion".
The font I used, is something I am teaching myself these days but more of that in another post.

The inside and outside of the egg have been covered with pieces from vintage doilies and then coated with white Gesso to give it an old plaster design look and I think it actually works.

Again sari silk was so perfect for the leaves, I just love the look of them so much.

With this half now done, I have already started to work on the other one.

The covering with vintage doily pieces, Gesso and attaching the metal candle holder as the stand has already been done and now I am turning my attention to the important part ... what to put inside it? I have so far had three ideas and I am currently trying to design each one of them to see which one would be the right choice in the end. I even wonder which one I will pick. So whenever you have a few spare moments and fell like taking a break, grab that cup of coffee or tea and pop by, I might just have something new to share!

So ... what have you been up to staying home these days? Do tell!

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind. 
Stay home and stay healthy.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. Oh Karen this is too sweet. Love it. I have been trying to make up special treats and thank you bags for those on the front lines. I have three family members that are nurses and first responders that are on the front line of this virus. To say thank you to those like my family members for sacrificing and being right there to help those in need. Makes me feel productive to do some special things during home confinement.
    Stay safe sweet friend.

  2. This is so gorgeous and creative. I love my little "blowy" flower bouquet from you but this piece is exquisite. I've been volunteering, making mask covers through a local quilting guild, even my husband helped by stringing elastic through casings. You tend to feel so helpless but also blessed if you have some small talent to offer.
    Karen, your sweet magical pieces bring me joy and calm. I look forward to your emails more than any others and am always in awe of your imagination.
    Keep creating your wonderful, whimsical pieces. Best wishes to you and your loved ones that you stay safe and healthy through this scary time.

  3. Karen: This is beautiful.
    Stay Healthy


  4. Beautiful and so you!!! Have another creative day!