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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Please Stay Healthy ...

Hello my dear friends,

just a short message to all of you ...

Please stay safe and healthy.

 Only go out if you have too and wash your hands often. Take this time to do all of those things inside your home and garden that you have been putting off. Read a good book or watch that movie you have wanted to watch 5 months ago. Write a letter to that old friend or family member that have wanted to do since a while. Create something or learn something new. Spend quality time with you family.

Hopefully we will get through this scary time just fine.

Sending you all hugs.


  1. I enjoyed reading your friendly reminders Karen; about getting some things done that we've been putting off <3 Prayers for seeing the numbers reversing~ karen o

  2. Ciao Karen, dalla lontana Italia ti invio un caro saluto augurandoti il meglio in questo brutto momento. Riguardati....un abbraccio

  3. Thank you for your well wishes. Stay safe and healthy too and keep creating. It's such a bright spot in these trying times.
    Loving my "fluffy" dandelions. Just the touch of whimsy needed. :-)

  4. All good tips Karen. Stay safe, stay health - and keep creating.