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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A Visitor Of The Feathered Kind ...

Hello my dear friends,

since several months now a beautiful bird of prey has been visiting our property from time to time and it is such a joy each and every time. As I have been told, it is a hawk or even hawks since I am not sure if it is the same bird all of the time or different ones.

It will sit and rest in our maple tree or ...

...  sit on the fence and keeping an watchful eye out for anything that might be moving around.

Just recently it was perched in our willow tree up high in the branches looking so majestic.

But yesterday something really neat happened!

I was in our dining room, working on my laptop when I by chance looked up at our living room window which is located straight ahead, about 30 feet or so away from the dining table and from where I was sitting. I almost couldn't believe what I saw because I wasn't sure at first what I actually was looking at. There was a beautiful bird of prey and it was sitting on top of our evergreen hedge right at our front porch. It was looking right into our house and seemed quite interested. I was very fortunate to have had my camera at arms length yet again. I quickly grabbed it and just started clicking away whilst very carefully moving towards the window in hope to get just one good photo of what I was seeing and I am delighted that I did! The photos are a little dark but never the less you are able to see what I saw. 

Isn't this amazing? ... I can believe that the hawk came so close to our house.
After a few moments the bird got spooked by something and flew up into the maple tree just outside our house and then away. I am so happy I could share this with all of you today. It's not ever day that you have a bird of prey looking into your living room right?! 

Little unexpected happenings like this are so special and that is something I am so grateful for in life. 
I wish you all a little unexpected happenings in your life.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. He resembles a Red-Tailed Hawk.....beautiful.

  2. He is beautiful. As I said on your IG - I think he's a coopers hawk.

  3. He appears to be a younger guy --- as he gets older his eye will turn a chestnut red color and his back with become more solidly grey - his cap will also darken and those spots on his chest will become more like horizontal bars.

  4. Seeing a magnificent hawk that close had to be thrilling and lucky you to be able to capture pictures. A couple of times I've seen one in the tree just outside our bedroom window when I open the curtains in the morning but haven't been able to get pictures through our screened windows.

  5. How wonderful, what a gorgeous hawk. We got snow last night, about 3 inches, enough to snow us in. Oh fun, sew day!!

  6. Glad your little doves are gone for the winter!

  7. Wonderful pictures of the beautiful hawk. Thanks for sharing. The wildlife is amazing.
    Hugs from Lina

  8. So stunning Karen!! Beautiful and yes, so majestic!
    Thank you for sharing this unique moment~
    hugs, Karen O