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Friday, October 6, 2017

Decorating For The Season ~ My Fall Wreath ...

Hello my dear friends,

I was working on a few projects this morning and then remembered that I wanted to dress up my plain wreath that lives in our living room for the Fall season.

I didn't want it to be busy or "loud" but instead subtle and just nice. I had a kinda idea of what I wanted it too look like and what I was going to use. One of the things were a cluster of larger acorn bells that I had bought almost 17 years ago from Hallmark.

Unfortunately they were somewhere hiding in our house so the search for them began but then ended quickly because it only took me about 2 minutes to "find" them in my studio. I though I was home free with making my Autumn wreath but that wasn't true. I actually tried out 3 wreath looks in the end before I fell in love with the last one.

This was my first thought ...

... very little and very subtle.

The cluster of bells and a simple bow made from burlap ribbon that I had bought at the dollar store.  Unfortunately that look didn't do it for me, even though I so wanted it too. For sure not what I wanted after all, so on to the next try out.

 I had bought the cotton wool branches at Michaels a few months back when there was a "buy one, get one free" deal on and had put them away but  now was the perfect time to use them maybe.

My second attempt looked like this ...

... but again, not what I the look I wanted.

Something was just off and unfortunately in my eyes it was the acorn bells.
They just didn't work for me after all, so I needed to think of something else. I was liking the look of that cotton wool branches, the birch twigs of the wreath and the burlap all together. Try out no. 3 had to happen and this time it turned out perfect in my eyes.

And this my "new" Autumn wreath ...

... just as I wanted it. Very subtle and not overloaded but just right.

I didn't glue anything to the actual wreath but instead just pulled the stems of the cotton wool braches throw to the back of the wreath and bent them a little to hold them in place. The bow is attached with a wooden cloths peg so every thing can come off easily again. This way the wreath won't get damaged and it can be reused over and over again and so can the embellishments too.

I love the way my Fall wreath looks and the way it goes so well with everything else in our living room. I am hoping to share my next Fall creation with you in the next few days. So if you have a few spare moments, why not drop by again and see what I have been up too?! 

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day. 


  1. This is very Fall! And very clever my Dear! I shall be following your lead for our wreath this year. Thanks for sharing this. Happy Fall!

  2. Love it! The whole grouping is very pretty. I'm in love with your set of drawers!

  3. Ahhh... how beautiful!

    Hugs Ines♥

  4. Just right and pretty! Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. So so beautiful! Love this simplicity Style. habe a very nice weekend, from Meisje

  6. Happy Thanksgiving, Karen. Your wreath is very pretty, subtle, as you've said. I like the cotton bolls.

  7. I love your beautiful wreath, but have to say that my eyes are most decidedly green over that wonderful wooden cabinet!!