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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Decorating For The Seasons ...

Hello my dear friends,

for the longest time I haven't been into decorating our home for the seasons other than for Christmas but that seems to be on the change these days.

All of the sudden I would like our house to look a bit different for each of the four seasons. Now I just need to think of what I would like to use. Of course I am all about making things rather than buying them (depending what it is) but I also like to keep an eye on the cost of things too. I am also all about less is more these days and I don't want the house to be filled to the brim with all sorts of seasonal items but rather have a few bits and pieces in every room to make it just right.

I am looking forward to bringing the seasons back into our home with ...

... a little something for Spring,

... something lovely for Summer,

... something pretty for Fall and ...

... something beautiful for Winter and Christmas.

I made a little list of items that I think would be perfect to decorate our house with for each season and that won't be an issue to store for the rest of the year or break the bank. I am sure most of you already have your little collection of seasonal bits and pieces together.

Throw pillows ...
... something quite easy to make. I love that they are flat to store and that they have such a visual impact to the eye.  All you need is one or two for your room to make it feel right. 

Wreaths ...
... is the second item that has a huge impact on a room. I prefer it where possible, that the decor of the wreath isn't glued to the actual wreath but either just stuck in or fastened with a piece of wire so one base wreath can reused for all four seasons.

Pictures ...
... another thing that has a big impact on a room is pictures. You can store several prints in one frame and just pull the appropriate one for the season to the front and on top of that you can move pictures from room to room for a different look too.

Table decor ...
... also a place you can show off the seasons of the year. From faux flowers, pine cones to pumpkins and so much more, each season has its "own thing" that can represent it.

Blankets/throws ...
... the last thing on my list is a throw blanket. A thinner cotton ones for the warmer seasons and thicker, fluffier ones for the colder seasons.

And that is my list.

Now all I have to do is get to work. I am hoping to share some decor for the Fall/Autumn season that I have chosen for our home with you very soon, so do come sometime soon and see what I have been up too.

Something I would like to share with you today is my beautiful Mums.

They live happily on our front porch next to my concrete pumpkin and bring me so much joy.
Again for the longest time I haven't bought flowers but this year I couldn't resist and I am so happy that I didn't because they just too pretty to not have.

Wishing you all a lovely Fall day.

I hope you are well my dear friends and that life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.

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  1. I would love to be able to decorate seasonally but apartment life means not much space to store anything beyond necessities. I finally resorted to creating a crazy quilt pillow cover for each season that I am able to change out. Your mums are stunning!