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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

These Past Weeks ...

Hello my dear friends,

these past weeks have been quite eventful me.

I had to take time off from doing anything straining and rest due to being injured and unwell too. Unfortunately I was bitten by a neighbors small dog twice about a few weeks ago now (once on my right wrist and on my right leg) because silly me didn't see the signs of him not being a happy puppy and approached him anyways. (Won't do that again for sure!) I am now all healed now from being all bruised up and having a few puncture wounds plus I needed to have a tetanus shot because of it which made my poor arm ache even more.

 But if that wasn't enough, I am still fighting a severe infection in my left elbow which was very badly swollen and quite painful too. I have just finished a course of very strong antibiotics for it but still am on other medication for a while. I have been trying to rest it as good as possible in hope it would get better and it seems that it slowly is.

But things weren't all bad!

I did spend a little time being a creative in between ice packs and resting my arm but I have not shared what I made with all of you yet here on Todolwen. I did put one picture of it an Instagram I think but today I am finally sharing it with you here!

 I had found two little 1930 trophies in an antique store a while ago and now it was finally time to work with them. They are so neat and just beautiful. All tarnished and aged perfectly and just calling out to be turned into something and in my case, that is a pincushion ~ of course!

This is one if the two little trophies ...

... such a lovely piece!

And here is my finished little creation and I am so loving it!

Vintage velvet in a lovely shade of grey, seam binding and a vintage piece of sparkle made this lovely little pincushion the pretty little creation it is. Not too little and not too much but just right in my eyes.

My newest little pincushion turned out so neat and hopefully I will get to work on the the second little trophy very soon. This one is for sale and I will be listing it in my Etsy shop sometime this weekend.

The best thing that happened these past weeks was, that I went to Toronto overnight with my daughter Caylagh again.

 We went to see "Coldplay"in concert!
We have been planning this since the beginning of the year and it was beyond AMAZING!

The concert took place at the Rogers Center, which is right next to the CN Tower. Almost 40000 people were there and the place with just buzzing with an amazing energy, great music, a ton of lights and fireworks! And to make it really special, it was the day of the eclipse too ~ August 21st!

Everyone received a wristband when the arrived at the Rogers Center and that would turn out to be something really neat!

The wristbands would light up in all different colors and "dance" to the music that was playing. They  turn the Rogers Center into something almost magical.

Even the CN Tower lighting was tuned into the music that was playing a few yards away from it. Needless to say that my poor elbow didn't rest very much that night from dancing and clapping a lot.

Yet again, one amazing night and memory for me to treasure.

So, that has been my past weeks. What have you been up too the past few weeks?... Anything interesting?

It is so nice that you took the time to stop by today and visit me here at Todolwen and maybe I will see you back here again sometime soon.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. sounds like you needed this special time with your daughter...I hope you are feeling better...your trophy pincushion is adorable....rest and take care of yourself...sending big ladybug hugs

  2. Karen, I just looked at the same pictures from the concert at my daughters phone yesterday. She went with her husband to see the concert and of course Oma had the boys for sleepover. lol
    I'm glad you had a great time. It looked like the whole of Ontario was attending....what a great place!
    take care,