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Monday, June 5, 2017

New Shades Of Colors ...

Hello my dear friends,

I am so in love with dyeing things my own colors!

Later last night I just had to try my newly bought colors of fabric dye out before I went to bed. I dyed some seam binding and I already liked it when it was wet.

What I like the most about this type of Dylon fabric dye is, that it is for "hand dyeing" only and all you need is a bowl, a bit of salt and some warm tap water and you are all set up to start! When I dye my small pieces of fabric and seam binding, I like to aim for very subtle shades and nothing too vibrant so I only use tiny amounts for the coloring powder which will make it last for a very long time for me. Talking about time ... again because my colors are subtle and not vibrant, it only takes minutes for the dye to it's work.

Last night's seam binding is now dry and that is what I am sharing with all of you today ... my newest shades of color.

Aren't they just beautiful?!

Two different shades of olive green and a very delicate shade of vibrant violet. I can't wait to work with these now but before I do, my plan for today is to dye some vintage linen to match these shades of seam binding and maybe I will even do some pieces from old doilies too? (I wonder how they are going turn out?). Of course I will share whatever it is that I create here on Todolwen.

It was so nice of you to take a few minutes to stop by, here at Todolwen and see what I have been up
 too. If you  have a little spare time, do come back again.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. These colors and textures are scrumptious! I love them. I have never heard of dying this way. It sounds easy and manageable. Do I hear a new technique calling my name? Maybe. You have inspired me today.

  2. So delicate are these colors Karen! Thanks for your lovely email! Im trying to get through so many at the moment but thinking of you!

  3. Beautiful on their own and much more beautiful together. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.


  4. Gorgeous. Love that combo. Happy New Week.