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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

My Newest Pincushions ...

Hello my dear friends,

at last, I took a few photos that I am quite content with yesterday afternoon and now I am happy to share my newest creations, three pocket watch pincushions, with all of you. The pictures are a little lighter than they should be but that doesn't take away from how neat my newest makings have turned out. In reality the colors are a tiny bit more intense than they appear in the photos.

After dyeing more bits and pieces I just knew, I was going to make some more pincushions using them and I have enjoyed making these lovely pieces so much. They are all made with the same concept ... old linen, seam binding, a pieces from a vintage doily that have been hand dyed in some very lovely shades of colors and of course an old pocket watch casing. Each pincushion was given a vintage piece of sparkle that was perfect for it, as that final little touch.

And here they are, my newest pincushions!

I named the first one ...

... "Past Thyme"

It is made in different delicate  shades of green and is just so pretty.

The second one I named ...

... "Summer Thyme".

This one is made with some of my green and purple dyed bits and pieces and again I am quite happy with  it too.

And last but not least, my third and last pincushion that I am sharing with you today.

I named it ... "A Hue Of Purple".

It is made in shades of very light and delicate dyed purple lace, linen and seam binding.

There is just something about these delicate and very subtle colors that is taking hold of me right now, making me want to use more like them which I am sure, I will in the future.

I still have some other finished creations to share with all of you, I just have to find the time to write the post to go with them again. It seem that all sorts of other "things" keep me busy and away from doing so today. but maybe later on this evening I will be able to get it done, so fingers crossed.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. More pretties! I think my favourite this time is the green.

  2. Just gorgeous Karen! I love your choices of colors...there is just something tender and heartfelt about faded pastel tints. You have inspired me to utilize more pastel colors in y artwork....have a lovely day! Tina xo

  3. Just beautiful! Happy Wednesday. Have a great summer day.

  4. Will you be selling these on Etsy? They are just so beautiful, I can't decide which one I love the most.

    1. Hi Vicki Jo,
      yes, I will. Hopefully I will have them all listed next week in my shop.
      Karen B.