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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Life Can Throw You A Lemon Sometimes ...

Hello my dear friends,

life at times will throw you a lemon. 
 Some times it isn't very sour and some times the taste of  it is just awful.

 I was thrown a lemon this last Friday but thankfully it wasn't too sour.  

I had taken my younger daughter to high school and on the way home when I stopped at a stop sign the driver behind me, which was foolishly driving too close and fast behind me all the way down the icy road already, tried to stop and ... hit me. My poor car and the sound it made ... such a load bang! In a way it was a good thing that the road was icy because my car moved at it was hit and therefore the impact wasn't as bad as it could have been. I have never been in an accident in the 24 years that I have been driving. I was a little shook up but I was OK. I was upset, very angry for the first few seconds and I think a little in shock but that was all and the young girl in the other car was OK too.

My poor car took a nasty knock to the back of it though but it could have been so much worse. You could actually almost see the full licence plate number imprinted on my tailgate in the blue paint from the other car's licence plate. My biggest worry was that the frame of my car was damaged because that brings a whole new type of problem. After the weekend I took my car to a repair shop to have it inspected. It might not look like it but so far it needs a new bumper, new tailgate and new back light on the right side and the frame needs a little pulling back into place too but hopefully nothing else will show up once the start taking it apart. But ... my car is going to be fixed, so I am happy! It will unfortunately cost the other driver's insurance over $2500 to get the damage sorted but that is what happens at times when people don't adjust to the driving conditions properly, especially in the winter. I am just so happy that things weren't worse. I would have hated to have to be in the hospital over Christmas.

Life will throw us lemons but hopefully not too many that are very sour and that will in the end have a 'sweeter' outcome than we first thought. I wish you all very few nasty tasting lemons in life.

Please, be safe on the roads this winter and when out and about walking too!

Last but not least ...

 I am a broken record, I swear I am. 

I am again behind with all the Christmassy things I wanted to share with all of you but I will do me best to make sure to get it done in the next few days hopefully. So if you have a few spare moments in between all the hustle and bustle of this time of year, why not stop by and see what I have been up too.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. the car is easily repair, people sometimes not so. Glad you are okay.

  2. So glad it was relatively minor, and no one was hurt. Hopefully the young driver who hit you learned a valuable lesson about icy conditions and special care in driving. Merry Christmas!!

  3. So glad that only your car got hurt and not you (or the other driver).

  4. Thankfully as you say no one was hurt and you are now safe and able to finish up get ready to enjoy a wonderful Christmas with your family. I do hope that it is merry and a that you all have a very happy, healthy and fun filled 2017.
    Thank you again for making your blog such a lovely place to visit throughout the year,
    Take care keep,well and inspiring us with the lovely things you create.
    Warmest seasons greetings from across the mikes here in France,

  5. Glad you and the young girl were not hurt. The car can be fixed which is a good thing. Now that is over you can enjoy Christmas. Merry Christmas.

  6. Oh Karen! I am glad it was "just" your car and you are well!

    Hugs Ines♥