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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Another First For Me ... Making ATC's ...

Hello my dear friends,

I love to try out new things.

I have never taken part in a ATC swap or even made an ATC ever. 
That was until now and after I Kim's post and about her newest swap.

After a little thinking, I decided that I would really like to take part. The theme was 'Vintage White Christmas' and I since I just love everything that it is all about Christmas and Winter it was even more me. My mind went with all of the things that had to do with it like the beauty of Winter and Christmas ... white glistening snow falling from the Heavens, vintage Christmas cards and images and so much more. I could hear the sound of  "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" playing in my head and happy thoughts of when I was a child returned and made my heart warm.

Once my mind was made up with how I wanted my ATCs to look like, I started to work on them right away.

I had found some lovely vintage Christmas card images and I chose one of them that was perfect for what I wanted to do and to reflect the peace and beauty of a white Christmas night.

Snowflakes and glitter were a must for this project and I couldn't stop there. I found a few more bits and piece to add to my ATC's. That is what I am working on that right on top of getting our front and backyard ready for our first snow that might fall this weekend. Hopefully I will also get around to hanging our Christmas lights up on our trees and bushes outside as well and as taking the wood that I have been drying since a year now from our Willow tree to be treated in a kiln. I must say,  I am busy quite this weekend!

Now you know what I am working on at this moment in time. I am hoping that I will have finished this project in the next few days, not only because I need to mail them to Kim but also because I need to finally start working on my Christmas gifts I wanted to make for this Christmas.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting me here today at Todolwen. I am hoping I will have something new to share with you the next time you return.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. It's lovely. Pardon my ignorance but what is ATC?

  2. It is an artist's trading card.
    Hugs.Karen B.

  3. Oh Karen! First a rubber stamp, now ATCs! I am so proud of you!
    You will be a perfect scrapper after a few days ;-)!

    Hugs Ines♥

  4. My heart is pounding. I know it will be beautiful and I cannot wait to see your creation!

    Happy Wintering ...

  5. Good morning Karen <3

    Your cards will be beautiful as your creations always are! I love what I see so far. I didn't know what an ATC was either. I had to google it. How special to share in the exchange. What a lovely way to start off the holiday season. I hope you get your winterizing finished ad your lights up. My husband and I worked out yesterday but still have the mulching of plants and laying cinders for statues left to do.

    Best wishes for a peaceful and lovely week.

  6. Karen, you are off to a great start, the images you chose are perfect! So looking forward to seeing the finished ATCs! hugs, Kim

  7. ATC's are great fun to make - and to receive. I love that they can be created quickly and don't take up much room to store.

  8. did you print those images at home? if so, what printer do you use? i'm looking for a new one and those images are so good!