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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

"A" Stands For Adele ...

Hello my dear friends,

let me start at the beginning ...

... this past June was our younger daughter Caylagh's 16th birthday.

She had asked for it to be special ... a day to remember. She isn't a big party person so we made it a day out and about with all sorts of  neat things to do in many different places. It was almost like a treasure hunt. Every where we went she received a little clue to where we were heading next and each clue had a letter. At the end of a long day she had to figure out what the letters would spell and after a little while she solved it ... the letters spelt the word 'tickets'. As soon as she said the word, we had music play out loud for her to find out what her tickets were for. The music that filled the room was from Adele! We had gifted her tickets to a concert of Adele, her most favorite singer and for the first time in her life, my 'monkey' cried happy tears and we knew we picked that special gift for her.

That was like I said this past June and on Oct. 6th it was finally here ... the concert with Adele.
 I picked my daughter up from school at lunch and we headed to Toronto. 

We were going to go to the concert and stay overnight in a lovely hotel, just the two of us. We hadn't done anything this exciting together before and we were both so looking forward to it.

I had sewn a special dress for my daughter to wear to the concert and she really loved it and she looked so pretty in it.

And then it was time ... we were at the Air Canada Centre, buzzing with excitement and then Adele took to the stage. I looked over to my daughter and just saw tears rolling down here face. Again they were happy tears and joy filled my heart knowing she was so happy that she cried.

For her last song, they actually made it rain! 

The concert was amazing!
"A" does not only stand for Adele but also for absolutely amazing! This lady is such a neat and lovely person. She loves to chat, is very funny and boy, can she sing!

At the end of the concert 'the skies opened up' and it rained confetti.

But not just any confetti!

 I had promised my daughter that she would get at least one piece of it. We walked quickly down three flights of stairs to the main floor and there it was, thousands and thousand of pieces of paper, on chairs, all over the floor and every where you could see. We just started to pick pieces of it up and another lady that was standing next to us just grabbed hands full of confetti pieces and gave them to my daughter, who was of course over the moon once again. We almost filled a bag full of it.

The confetti was so special ... it has the title of her songs and also some personal words from Adele to her fans.

Just before we left the Air Canada Centre, I decided that I wanted to put one more smile on Caylagh's face for the day ...

... and I did so by gifting her the program from the concert.

Late that evening we headed back to the hotel with huge smiles on our faces and great music in our hearts.

Up early the next day we headed downtown for a few hours ...

...and then it was time to leave and head back home again.

I am so happy, I was able to share this experience with my daughter Caylagh. 
We will both cherish the memories from this special event and her 16th birthday for a very long time.

We are both so excited because we have our next trip together planned. 
Next August Coldplay is coming to Toronto and we already have tickets for the concert and our hotel room is also booked. Our next adventure together!

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. What a memorable 16th birthday! And such a special time together. What a lovely post, Karen. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos and story of your outing. My daughter likes Adele and Coldplay as well. What fun to look forward to going to see them. Have a beautiful day.


  2. Oh what a lovely story Karen! I am happy you can not see me crying now...

    Hugs Ines♥

  3. What a special birthday - one your daughter will remember forever (as will you!). So jealous - would love to see Adele in concert.

  4. What a great gift to give to your daughter and to yourself. I wanted to see Adele when she was in Chicago but the tickets sold out in minutes. I bet she put on a great show. The confetti is such a neat remembrance of your special night. Karen you are giving such a wonderful memory to your daughter. This was such a touching and sweet post today.

  5. What an amazing time and incredible gift.

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