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Monday, January 25, 2016

My 'Tatty Strawberry Delight' ..

Hello my dear friends,

it is done! ...

Today I am sharing my newest Christmas light reflector pincushion and it is very different from the first one I made.

With this pincushion I chose to use color and to make it a little more vibrant than my 'Olde Strawberry Delight' and I think it has turn out exactly that way. Again I picked each part of this creation for it's own little 'thing'. Put together they just harmonize so nicely and make this creation 'just right' in my eyes but now you can see for yourself.

Here is my ...

... 'Tatty Strawberry Delight'.


I love the way this pincushion has turn out ~ the red textured fabric with the ripped sari silk strips and the old tatty pearl earring together with the old reflector are beyond perfect together.

I hope you have enjoyed my newest creation. I am already working on something new and will share it soon here on Todolwen ~ so do stop by from time to time and see what I have been up too.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. Seeing this made me think of how fun it would be to create a whole variety of fruits & veggies along the same line. If only you could find a source of lots of those light reflectors!

  2. I love it. The red is so vibrant, and the dimples in the fabric make it really look like a strawberry.

  3. What a beautiful pincushion! Back in the early Fall I purchased a set of light reflectors at a yar sale. They were still in the package and had never been used. The owner purchased them in 1964 in Germany. I bought one of two packages she had not knowing yet what I would do with them. I wish I would've bought both packages. Your idea of a strawberry pincushion is a great idea! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. A perfect marriage of delightful ingredients. You're a GEM!


  5. just wonderful! went to etsy but it wasn't there, bummer

  6. I absolutely love this finish. I am just getting ready to finish a strawberry pin keep and this has given me a few ideas....thank you

  7. As a collector of vintage Christmas treasures, I had mixed feelings when you posted about finding the reflectors and plans to repurpose them; however, after seeing the finished projects, I have to say that you did a beautiful job! I always look forward to each of your projects.

  8. Oh wow Karen! I turns out sooooooooo lovely!

    Hugs Ines♥

  9. I didn't think you could out-do yourself from the first one.. but my goodness this red one is perfection. Those light reflectors would never have gotten a second look from me.. and look what you did with them. Amazing.