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Sunday, October 18, 2015

The First Snow Of The Year ..

Hello my dear friends,

this is what I woke up to this morning, October 18th.

 Many leaves are still hanging bright and green on the trees and now the are being covered in a blanket of white prettiness. Since yesterday we have had snow squall warnings which made me change my plan on heading out to visit beautiful Michigan again. 

This is the second weekend now that we had to change the plans of our little road trip due to things happening. Last weekend was actually a little scary. We were about 40 miles out of town in the midst of lovey Ontario countryside when my car decided that it didn't want to play nice anymore. It started to slightly jolt constantly, like it was loosing power and the engine light came on. We were forced to head back to town and straight to my dealership. Five hours and over a thousand dollars later, my car was fixed and working again. I was very happy because things could have turned out so much worse.

But enough of that and back to something much nicer ... here is a little snow for all you Lovelies.

I hope you can get an idea of how much it snowed looking at the above photograph.

My little rosebush, still in bloom ...

... also got a heaving dusting of the chilly white stuff.

This is the way into our backyard and ...

... it almost looks like you are entering a winter wonderland.

Of course I just had to add a 'few' photos of a little furry critter that was sitting in our maple tree, trying to keep warm from the cold and looking for something to eat.

I also couldn't resist throwing a few peanuts out onto the deck  ...

... which were quickly found and very much enjoyed.

Looking outside now, a few hours later, all the snow is gone again and the sun is shining but I am sure it won't be long before the next time the skies open and let more snow fall down to earth.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. Oh Karen, snow so soon. Lovely photos, that cute cheeky squirrel. he looked as if he liked being the star of the day.

  2. It is really beautiful, the snow on the roses and I really like the tree with the golden leaves and snow. But, oh mercy, snow in October! Your pictures are really gorgeous.

  3. Unas fotos preciosas!!! las de la ardilla me encantan!!!! seguro que serán las primeras nieves del año ¿verdad? besos

  4. Nooooooooooo ... not yet. Snow is supposed to happen at Christmastime only. Haha - if only, right?

    Not enough to go skiing, but enough to allow for beautiful pictures.


  5. Pretty pictures. They remind of Octobers here in Alberta when the snow comes early.

  6. Karen: Ick I am not a fan of snow, I live in Minnesota and of course we do get loads of the white stuff, please stay safe and warm, i hope your car is feeling better, it maybe did not like the cold weather coming.
    Love the little critter pictures.


  7. Oh wow... the critters are sooooooooooo lovely!
    I like to sit down at your window and just have a look in your garden.
    The first snow in Germany came last week :-(. I miss the summer...

    Warm hugs Ines♥

  8. If you ever decide to come over the bridge to Michigan on a very early Sunday morning, I would be happy to meet you and take you to a wonderful flea market that continues through the winter - and I might even introduce you to my favorite vendor. You would not believe the selection and great prices.

  9. I know that is headed our way soon too but Ughhh not ready to see the white stuff yet!!! Love that the squirrel seemed happy about the white stuff lol!