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Monday, October 19, 2015

Feathered Critters ..

Hello my dear friends,

my most favorite feathered creature is the Canada Goose.
 I just get such a buzz when I hear them honking, flying high above me so graciously. I have a huge love these beautiful animals but I have now got another favorite feathered being, which is owls.

I remember when I was a little girl, visiting my Grandma in Saskatchewan for the summer and one day she climbed up into the attic from the outside of the house. Shortly later she came back out holding a huge bird in her arms. This bird was a large and beautiful barn owl. I never forgot this experience, it was so special to me. 

Some time ago I found this little barn owl creation by the amazing artist Emma Hall.

(Photograph courtesy of Emma Hall)

It is made from fabric and old lace and is so stunning ~ I love it!
Here is a link to her website ... Emma Hall

I have made Canada geese from canvas years ago and now I would like to try and make an owl and  hopefully it will look something like this little one below ~ it is my newest love. I recently found this picture of  this baby owl on Pinterest.

(Unfortunately my search of who took this photograph wasn't successful but whoever took it ~ thank you for doing so and sharing it.)

I have no idea what kind of owl it is but it just melts my heart, isn't it just the cutest?! 
So .. what to do? If I can't have a real one of these cuties, I will have to make myself a little owl that can live somewhere in my studio. I can already see it in my mind but now the real work is going to start which is trying to create the pattern to make this feathered critter. I already know it is going to take several attempts and some time but hopefully in the end I will get there ~ so fingers crossed. I have already started to search for fabrics to use and I am hoping I will find something suitable for it.

(Some time later ...)

Believe it or not but I had started to write this post several months ago, that is how long it has taken me to finally, finally find some fabrics that I think might be the right ones to create this little baby owl with and I wasn't even looking at that time. I found the fabrics just by chance whilst out and about buying sewing thread in my local Fabricland.

I found three different fabrics that look almost like the soft feathers of the baby owl. Two of the same type just in different colors and one other one that is also a possibility. Now it time for trail and error to begin. I have already found a few tutorials on how to make bird feet from wire and I hoping that one of them will be the right one for my little hooter. How long is this going to take until my little owl might be done? I have no idea but once done I will of course share it right away.

So do stayed tuned or pop by to visit me here at Todolwen from time to time and see what I have been up to. I am working on more than one creation as always and will have something to share soon again.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. I enjoyed reading this post,it kept Me interested because I've just recently become enchanted by Owls too.Since I've moved here next to a golf course I have seen two beautiful owls.I don't sew but what fun to watch Your creation : ) Denise

  2. What an absolutely fun project can't wait to see what you create! Have a creative day!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I will wait for it ;-)!

    Hugs Ines♥

  4. Owls are such fascinating birds, wonderful to watch. Happy pattern creating! It will turn out beautifully, I am sure.

  5. FYI: It is a Canada Goose that you must be speaking of. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canada_goose Canadian goose is a variant or a colloquial term. I suppose there are Canadian Canada Geese — those that live in Canada — but not all of them do.

  6. Que bonito búho!! las telas son preciosas!!!!!

  7. Hi Karen,
    Owls are beautiful creatures and I am sure your creation will be a wonderful one. Good luck. I look forward to seeing what you do with this project.

  8. Oh my goodness. Emma's little owl is just the most precious thing I've ever seen. And that photograph is equally as precious.

    Now I know there will be no "trial and error" on your part you'll do a magnificent job, I am positive of that. Cannot wait to see the end result.

    Oh - and Canadian Geese? Nope, NOT my favorite. You see, The Runner and I were attacked by one years ago. Since then, I have no love for them. Sorry.


  9. Hi Karen, I love owls! The photo you have is a barn owl, you can tell by the heart shaped face. I can't wait to see your owl. I'm sure it will be as beautiful as all your projects. Love ya' Patricia B

  10. Karen --- I do not know if you have found Ann Wood's work and tutorials - but here is her link www.annwood.net

  11. I love owls too. That owl made by Emma Hall is just gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you come up with Karen. I know it will be enchanting and gorgeous!

  12. Can't wait to see what you do!! I have loved owls all my life, and especially barn owls (and the little saw-whet ones too). Last winter there was a gorgeous snowy that spent time around the local airport and I was lucky enough to spot him/her a few times. Absolutely gorgeous creatures.