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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Place To Rest My Little Crown

Hello my dear friends,

I was just talking about having no ideas to create or very little or no time to do so in my last post or actually in a few of my pervious posts and now ... well, my 'crafters block' seems to be slowly lifting and I am making and taking more time to create.

I have been working on a new idea these past few days which I came up with when I received my felted crown kit in the mail from Donna Goss. I love the way she displays her crowns ~ on little wooden stands. I wanted to display my crown as well but just different.  I had a vision of a vintage millinery head, all tattered and stained something that I just can't seem to let go from my primitive past but then again it gives the item a aged and vintage look. Finding one, well, almost impossible to find a small one. I have checked eBay and other websites ... nothing! So ... nothing better than ~ to make one myself!


Having a picture in my mind of how I wanted the millinery head to look like I took to paper and pencil and started to design. It took me more than one (way more) attempt and not only in drawing to finally come up with my vision in reality but in the end I really like the way my design turned out. I actually like it so much that I am going to be making more than one and in different sizes.

And this is my newest making ...

... my millinery head form.

I am not really too sure about the writing but ...

... otherwise I do love the vintage look it has.

The little tarnished candlestick holder was perfect for the job as a base.


Now my little crown has a proper little head to rest on and shine.


My second little millinery head form is a bit larger and the stand for this one ...

... is a little tarnished litte cup/vase that I turned upside down.
Again the look I wanted!

Creating this project was a little challenging with the coffee staining. I normally stain my muslin before I cut and sew it because you can iron your fabric flat to work with since when you wring it out your fabric is always all scrunched up. This time I made the piece first, then coffee stained it and dried it in the microwave very carefully by placing it in the microwave for 30 seconds, then taking it out and running my fingers inside the piece to 'iron' it whilst being damp still. Something that has to be done carefully because it comes out very hot and it can burn but also fingers are not heat resistant ~ I know now! It only needed to be popped into the microwave twice and the piece was just slightly still damp but nice and smooth and that's when I stuff it. The still damp fabric takes the shape you want it to be better and stretches a little too. Once dry the fabric is every so slightly taught because it shrinks a little and looks lovely and vintage too and that is exactly what I was looking for.

I am still working on a few more sizes and I think the largest will be the size of a small infant's head so I can actually place an old baby bonnet on it. I think these would be so neat to display vintage little baby bonnets, your crowns of wire or felt and other beautiful millinery pieces.

I hope you have liked my newest creation today ~ let me know what you think if you have a spare moment.

I would be so happy for you to visit me here at Todolwen again in the near future.

I hope you are well and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day,

Karen B. 


  1. I think you did this just right, that is exactly how the old forms look. My mom had one that I remember as a child, don't know where it went to!!! Awhile ago I made an angel form and stained the muslin, stuffed it and then coated the outside with matte varnish and kept shaping it and it dried nice and tight. By the way, the crown is stunning!!!

  2. I'd say your crafters block is well and truly gone. You are amazing, how the heck do you do it, girl? The milliner's head is fabulous, the perfect prop to display that gorgeous crown.

  3. What a wonderful idea and it turned out amazing. The crown is darling and looks perfect on it's little "head".

  4. I am amazed that you made the faux-vintage milliner's head from fabric - what a superb idea! I personally like the writing. It does evoke the image of the original wooden vintage item.

  5. Oh my goodness...your millinery head form is amazing. Love the bit of writing on it. It's the perfect display piece for your crown. I look forward to seeing the larger one too.
    Your crafter's block is definitely gone!

  6. Oh Karen, I love it. Would you please do a tutorial...I would love to have a few around my home, also. I make baby bonnets and this would be a beautiful display. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love your newest creation. Impressed. Great display! I was sure it was a vintage piece until I read on and saw the the sketch again. I love the crown. I really want to make a few cute crowns. I think I'll have to start with book pages, but man those are cute.

  8. What a brilliant idea!! I may need to adapt your idea myself ... thanks for sharing!!

  9. I just bought 4 foam wig forms and now I now how I will finish at least two of them. I love yours and will show you mine if it turns out half as lovely as yours!!! Thanks for sharing!