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Friday, March 2, 2012

Please Get It Right

Hello my dear friends,

this is just a short post mainly directed to all the lovely people that use Pinterest and view my blog and work.

Please, please get it right when you pin something onto Pinterest. Make sure you that you read on who made which creations. In the past few weeks I have had several beautiful creations pinned under Todolwen which I did not make even though I have credited the creator for their work by name and blog name under the pictures so everybody is aware who made it (if this all makes sense?!)  So all you lovely 'pinners' out there please make sure you give the right creator credit for their work in future!!

And last but not least ...

I would like to thank all you 'pinners' for your interest in my creations and your kind words about my work ~ it means so much to me! Thank you!

I hope you are well and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day,

Karen B.


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  2. thanks for all your inspiration ..love your work Karen. I will try to keep aware of the blogs and give due credit..I can see how the mix up can happen as we just pin one from another's say so.. glad you gave us the heads up on this important issue.