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Monday, January 16, 2012

Making Mum Smile

Hello my dear friends,

after thinking about my life and the things that have happened these previous weeks and thinking a lot about my Mum and how upset she would have been to see me cry all the time and be devastated, I have decided to throw myself into working on a lot of new projects. I know my Mum would have been happy about this because she loved everything I did. She was so worried about me and my well being and not herself in the hospital that I know that I can't let her down now. And this isn't easy ~ I still tend to suddenly start crying many times in a day when I think of her and how sad I am that she isn't here anymore. I hope I will make her smile with every new creation I work on.

My newest creation  of course is a pincushion. I haven't made pincushions in what it seems like a very long time so the choice was perfect. The items I used for this creation are mostly new pieces ~ some  I already had or I found on sale at Michaels.

I truly hope you enjoy this creation ~ it is made with many loving thoughts of my Mum.



I actually have named this pincushion. It is the first one ever that I have done this with.

I named it  'Remembering Elsie'.


I hope you are all well and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day,

Karen B.


  1. Oh angel....it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Your mama would love that you are creating...it's truly the best therapy there is and the fact that she loved what you made is even more reason for you to make wonderful things! This pincushion is wonderful sweet friend, I just love it ~ hugs and love to you, Dawn

  2. Karen,
    It is delightful. So creative, so original.
    I know your Mum is so happy you are creating again.

    I know about the tears coming, without announcement, and often.
    Good for you for taking a step forward.
    Grieving is hard work.

    with love, prayers and blessings
    barbara jean

  3. Dear Karen,
    The tears and creating are both healing. Let them flow. The butterfly is beautiful and I'm sure your Mum is smiling. It is hard losing our Mamas, I know.
    I will be praying for you, friend.
    Sending you healing hugs,