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Sunday, April 11, 2021

A Belated Happy Easter ...

 Hello  my dear friends,

first of all I would like to wish you a belated Happy Easter ...

... and I hope that you had a wonderful weekend.

My weekend was very lovely but also very busy.

 I spent Easter with both of my daughters and we had such a nice time together. I also had a little time to be creative but I spent quite some time in our basement working. I had found a little damp in our basement media room which then turned out to be a lot and then after a huge rain downpour I discovered that the entire media room floor was literally on top of 

a huge puddle. I am now working on trying to find out where it is coming from. I have already pulled out the floating laminate flooring, cut a wall open and I am still working on chiseling the leveling concrete floor out.  

This is what it looks, a mess!

 It sure is a lot of hard work but I am hopefully done soon with what I can do myself. Oh, when life gives you lemons ... I just hope there will be a little lemonade at the end of this, ha ha.

But I am happy because I made a few new pieces and I will share what I made with you in my next post. So do visit me some time again when you have a few minutes spare.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.

Stay safe, stay healthy.


  1. Glad to hear you had a good time with your daughters for Easter. Sorry you are having issues in your downstairs. I hope you can get that fixed. xoxo

    1. Thanks Kris. It will just take some time to get things back to where it was before. Hugs.

  2. So sorry this is happening, I hope the drainage drain tiles under ground around your home are not plugged, this can be a problem.
    So happy to hear you had a wonderful time with your daughters, it has bveen a very trying year.
    Have a lovely week.


  3. That is what we think the problem might just be. It happened to us once already when we bought the house 13 years ago. Yes, this past year has been something else. Hope you are OK. Hugs.