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Friday, November 6, 2020

Coldstream Conservation Area .....

 Hello my dear friends,

as promised I am sharing photos with you of an Autumn walk my daughters and I recently did.

We have lived in London, Ontario for almost 15 years but only now found this beautiful place that is not even a 10 minute drive outside of the city. It is the Coldstream Conservation Area and it is such a beautiful place. The day we went, the leaves on most of the trees had changed colors from green to all sorts of pretty shades of pink, orange, yellow and more and the little stream was shiny like a mirror, reflecting all of Mother Nature's beauty.  

(I took the photos with my phone and not my camera this time.)

 Come walk with me ...

My beautiful babies.

Just look at all those beautiful colors! 

This tree was the biggest one in the entire forest and it was such a giant.

I could sit here and just look at this all day long but we had to move on after a little while.

We walked along the board walk and came across this ...

Isn't this so amazing?! It's the roots of an old tree that is still growing but all it's roots are above ground. it is actually hollow and big enough to have a person inside it, if the openings were big enough for one to get in but critters can happily get in and out of this creation of nature.

I hope you have enjoyed the walk and you were able to see all of the beauty we saw on that day. 
We have been back again since then and it has already changed so much. Now we are waiting for snow to fall again so we can go to see how it looks all dressed in white.

Right now I am working on making some neat Christmas ornaments which I will share with you very soon but until then ...

I hope you are well my dear friends and life treating you kind.

Have a peaceful, safe and creative day.


  1. what a beautiful walk. So pretty. Happy Weekend. xoxo Kris

    1. Oh it was, can't wait for snow, so I can go back again.

  2. Karen: What a beautiful walk, thank-you for sharing with us, it will soon snow here in Minnesota.
    Your daughters are adorable.


  3. Catherine, thank you. I can't wait for snow and to go back then.

  4. How beautiful Karen!
    Love the colors of nature and your view of it.
    Hugs Ines♥