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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Issues With Blogger ...

Hello my dear friends,

 I am not sure if any of you have noticed but it seems that blogger is having some issues right now.

Photos are and have been disappearing from some of my posts. 
Blogger is aware of this and working on it as I am writing this short note to all of you. (So I have read on their helpline.)  I will hopefully share something new with all of you in a few days, I just done want to loose more photos right now. I hope you understand.

I hope you are well and life is being kind to you my dear friends.

I also hope that you are all healthy and staying safe at home as much as possible.

Have a peaceful and creative day.



  1. Hmmm that is not good. I hope they fix this issue. It is always something! Hope you are safe and well. I love seeing your sweet face masks you are making. Sooo cute.

  2. I have seen this on other Blogs besides yours, I hope they fix the problem.
    Stay Healthy


  3. Oh... I havn't noticed this problem.
    Hope they fix it as soon as possible.
    Hugs Ines♥