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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Sari Silk Summer Hydrangeas ...

Hello my dear friends,

do you remember my sari silk hydrangeas that I embroidered onto needle books? I had so much fun making them that I wanted to make something else with them and I did.

I had two little tarnished silver plate baskets that were perfect for the job and once I had gathered what I needed it didn't take too long for my idea to come to life. I had shared them on my Instagram page a while ago but didn't get around to sharing with all of you here, so that is what I am doing today!

Two of my newest pincushions ... "Summer Hydrangeas"

Each pincushion has over 35 small double layered flowers made from sari silk ribbon. The leaves are also made from sari silk ribbon in a lovely shade of green.

The first one is my lilac hydrangea basket ...

... and my second one is my pink hydrangea basket.

These two pincushions are now also listed in my Etsy shop.

Thank you for taking the time to visit me here at Todolwen, it is always so nice when you do.

I hope you are well and life is treating you kind

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. You had me at "Summer" … can't stand the cold.

    Beautiful basket of wonderful flowers, Karen!


  2. Oh Karen, Oh my these are beautiful!! Lovely work~ You lways bless : ) Hugs and Merry Christmas! karen o
    (I am preparing for my work [year end taxes] so I may not be around for awhile - will do my best not to miss too much here! )