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Monday, June 3, 2019

A Little More Kitchen Sink Dying ...

Hello my dear friends,

I am beyond happy that I am being more creative these days.
 I was in a real unhappy place when it came to being creative for some time and nothing seemed to get me out of it. Maybe it's the sunshine and bright colors of Spring that have changed things. Whatever it was/is ... don't stop please!

So ... I have been quite busy lately.

 Not only did I finish a custom order for one of my 'Smitten With Dandelions' needle books which I have already mailed to my customer.

But I also started to work on a second one but I wasn't able to finish it just yet due to me still working on renovating my younger daughter's bedroom. I was hoping to work on it in between once I had decided which flowers I want to embroider onto it but then I got sidetracked again.

The nice weather inspired me to do a little more 'kitchen sink dying'. I had planned to go with purple, blue and possible a shade of green again but instead I went with purple, blue and red. I also wanted to attempt to mix a particular shade of yellow to work with.

After dying the cotton batting and some seam binding everything was hung out to dry in the sun in our fairy bush. I was very pleased because once it was all dry because I saw that the colors all turned out amazing!

Of courses I couldn't resist to start to work with some of the batting right away and that is what I am sharing with all of you today, my newest creation.

Drop cloth, seam binding, some of the dyed cotton batting, sari silk ribbon and a little piece of old tatting were again my chosen supplies to work with to make another needle book. I had already an idea in my mind that I wanted to try out but wasn't sure if I could match the look of it that was in my mind. I was very surprised that it did and that first try.

I had always wanted to try and make a hydrangea flower out of small pieces of fabric and I am glad I  tried it. It turned out just like I had hoped it would.

And this is my newest making ... my "Pink Hydrangea" needle book.


This little drop cloth needle book is already spoken for but I am busy working on my next one and also finishing of the other one I had started. As always, I will of course share with all of you again once they are done.

Thank you for stopping by today and visiting me here at Todolwen. It is always so nice when you do.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. You do such beautiful crafting Karen, I am always in awe of your creations. I never thought of hand dying cotton batting, but will have to give it a try soon. Hugs, Sandy

  2. Simply beautiful. Love your hydrangea.

  3. What a wonderful idea. I have quite a bit of cotton batting. Your colors are beautiful and the hydrangea turned out lovely. What dyes do you use?

  4. Oh My Goodness Karen, you have been busy creating beautiful pieces!! I have worked with 'drop cloth' before; (tote bags), it is so economical! And sturdy as well. All the colors are gorgeous! And your dandelion and hydrangea designs are absolutely beautiful. Your posts are stirring inspiration in me to 'get back to using fabrics again!' Thanks for sharing~ Loving hugs, karen o