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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Spring Is Here ...

Hello my dear friends,

Happy Spring to all of you!

This morning the sun was shining, the skies were blue, most of the snow is gone and life is just good right now.

Things have been busy these past weeks with working on our kitchen and me having started my Spring cleaning early this year. I had decided to work on our basement and basically the rest of the house aswell again and go through every single drawer, cupboard, box and what ever else there was. Two carloads later I am beyond happy with the results of my efforts so far. I am not done just yet but the first part is finished. 

Talking about Spring ...

I have little daffodils and tulips in pots growing on my kitchen windowsill and ...

... I can't tell you how much joy they bring me every time I look at them. Doing dishes has now become so much nicer. Once they are all bloomed out, they will be planted in our backyard near our willow tree Salisbury and I am already excited to see them bloom next Spring.

I haven't been able to work too much when it comes to being creative in my studio but there was a little time for a new pincushion and it is perfect for today. It is simply cheerful and sweet.

And this is my newest creation.

 I named it after today ...

... "First Day Of Spring".

The white represents the snow in Spring and the flowers are the first blooms of Spring.

The vintage beauty of a broach is either made from ceramic or porcelain, I am not quite sure but it just looks so pretty and bright in all it's colors.

I have used raw silk for the pincushion itself and then topped it with a piece from a vintage doily to give it a little more detail and it works just nicely together.

I hope you have enjoyed my newest making.

This pincushion will be also one of the ones that I am going to be listing for sale in my Etsy shop this weekend. I am trying to work on one or two more new ones but I am not sure if I will get them done in time. Do stop by again and see what I have been up too here at Todolwen.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. What a Spring beauty another gorgeous creation!!!

  2. I love using silver pieces...giving them a new life! Beautiful, Karen - I love pinkeepers.