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Monday, January 14, 2019

A Very Neat And Unusual Finding ...

Hello my dear friends,

I know it's been a while again but here is my newst post. I hope you enjoy it.

A few weeks ago my two lovely daughters and I visited one of our local antique stores in search of any treasures that might be there, waiting to be found. I wasn't looking for anything in particular really, just something neat, unusual or just different.

Once we walk into the store, we tend to all go our own ways inside and if anyone finds anything the others might like, they grab and share andnd that is what happened on that visit. My younger daughter Caylagh went on the lookout and came back to me with something to neat, unusual, different and very special! She had found an old box/case for a watch, pocket watch or something else precious. I was over the moon when I saw it and of course it just had to be mine! Once back  home I started to do some research and this is what I found out.

The maker of the item that had once lived in the case was a gentleman named Julius Cornelius. He was born in 1825. He lived his life and worked in Europe and Canada until he died in 1916. His business was established in 1823 and he is classed as a Canadian treasure when it comes to his art which was being an amazing jewelry designer and goldsmith. Hmm ... so that makes this little case quite an old treasure and such a beautiful one too.

 But see for yourself what a stunning piece it is!

And it even has a tiny original tag ...

... on the bottom of it too but unfortunately I can't read it though.

Didn't I tell you that it was so special and so very neat?!

These days I try not to buy just anything but instead I try more and more to find those interesting and unusual pieces. I dislike buying things just for the sake of buying. More and more often I am out and about in antique stores or thrift stores and return home empty handed with the difference that these days I don't get frustrated by it like I used to be a few years ago. I now just know that, that piece for me just wasn't out there this time. I so love this treasure and am beyond happy my daughter had found it and shown it to me.

Of course a beautiful box/case can't just be left empty. Something lovely should live in it and I know exactly what that something was going to be but that is for another post. So ... if you would like to know what ends up living in my newest treasure, you will have to visit me again here at Todolwen. 

Until then I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. What a wonderful treasure Karen!! It is a lovely antique and full of charm and possibilities~ I've not seen one of these before. Waiting to see what you create! : ) Hugs, karen o

  2. So cute! I'm looking forward to what you create with it. I love the inside color.

  3. Cannot wait to see what beauty you come up with.


  4. What a special find. How exciting. You have a way of finding the most unique treasures.
    Tamara X

  5. Oh I love that little box and would love t own it also. I just have loved boxes all my life ,sounds funny
    I have one old ring box with my great grandmothers wedding ring in it