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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Loving The "Simple" ...

Hello my dear friends,

it's been a little while again since I have shared anything with all of you here on Todolwen. 
Life just seems to be busy with all sorts one way or the other for me these days.

More and more I am leaning to simpler things. Less clutter, less fussiness when it comes to our home. I am not saying that I am becoming any type of minimalist or something like that. Nope, not at all, just not so much stuff anymore. I used to have things stored in our basement but now most of it is either gone or finally displayed in our home and not stuffed in a cupboard. I still have some of my treasures, again just not as many as I used to have. I have kept my most favorite pieces and now I can enjoy them even more. 

My liking to do a little more decorating for the seasons hasn't changed at all and is still very much there but that also in a simpler way. A year or two ago I had added a wreath to our living room and I had also introduced fake flowers and greenery but that also in limits. 

My "newest" piece is a 34 inch grapevine wreath. Well, it is new hanging but not new having it, if that makes sense. I had bought it over a year ago and put it into the basement because I was painting a part of our house and I had not thought about it too much anymore until recently when I decided to finally do something with it or give it away.

Now it is hanging in our dining room and I love it! I didn't do too much to it and there is nothing very special about it really. It is just nice and nice is so good in my eyes. 

And this what my "nice" for the Autumn looks like!

Just like with the wreath in our living room, I don't like to permanently attach things to the new one either. Only a few small pieces of wire were used to attach my cotton branches and nothing else and the bow has a wooden clothes peg on the back of it. That again means that I can change everything for the seasons so easily without damaging the wreath or the pieces I am using to decorate it with ... again a win!

Talking about my frayed grapevine wreath ...  

... it started looking like this at the beginning of Autumn.

A bunch of fake grass in a deep rust color and my burlap bow from last year worked perfect together. But I did need that bow for my big wreath and I didn't really want to make another one so I decided to exchange it for something else. At another visit to Michaels, I was fortunate to find a "pick" on sale and it was just right for the job of replacing the burlap bow.

Isn't this "pick" so lovely?!

 A few pumpkins and leaves and now my wreath has that little more color, even though somewhat subtle. It couldn't be more Fall themed in my eyes ... simple but to the point and just right for me!

You don't have to use and spend a lot when it comes to decorating your home.
 I paid under $ 6 for the decor for my living room wreath and under $ 5 for my dining room wreath. Both of my wreaths were also bought with a 50 % off coupon. Take advantage of sales which I do when it comes to shopping for anything really and pick a few good pieces that you can use in different rooms of your home. One year in the living room and the next maybe in the hall or dining room. I love the way this works for me and it might just be the way for a few of you too, so why not maybe try it?!

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit me today here at Todolwen. It is so nice when you do!

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. Karen love the re love of the wreath. It looks great. I always love seeing your creative heart. I have visited your Etsy and love love love that advent calendar. That is just so awesome. I cannot wait to see the other things you will come up with to sell for the holidays. Happy New Week.

  2. Hi Karen,
    I too love the simple look more and more. Your wreaths are beautiful!; so soft and pleasing to the eyes. Thank you for the little reminder (simple is good : ) and thank you for sharing these lovely wreaths. I made a simple one for my front door and it makes me happy every time I come home! :) Hugs to you, karen o