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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Lost My Mojo ...

Hello my dear friends,

it has been a while since I have posted anything here on Todolwen and I just wanted to explain to you why. 

The reason for my absence is that I have seem to have lost my mojo and that really badly when it comes to my blog and being also being creative.

Over the past weeks and weeks I would sit down and think of what I could do or make and there was a lot of nothing for most of the times. No creative thoughts came to me. I would go into my studio and gather some things to work with only to put them back after a while. My studio then became that messy place with things every where and any where just in case that thing called creativity suddenly appeared and I wanted/needed to pull something back out again. 

Don't get me wrong, once in a while I would have a creative moment or two and that is when I would start and finished a new creation in a day or so. I have shared a few things on my Instagram page but that is as far as it has gone. Unfortunately those moments have been far and few over the past weeks and months.

 I am so hoping that I am just under a sort of belated Winter blues thing even though I love it when it snows so much. Hopefully with more and more sunny days and bright colors outside it will change very soon again. So please, don't give up on me just yet. I am working on coming back.

Many hugs to all of you.


  1. I'm so sorry you're having a down time. Perhaps (and I say this from experience) you should have your doctor test you for depression? It's something that sneaks up on you and robs you of your joy in things you once found to be a pleasure. It's worth checking into. Take care of you!

  2. Hi there Karen,
    I do understand what you're saying : ] and I've "lost it" many times too~
    I just hope you know (we) I still love to stop in; even if you haven't 'created' something! : ) I still like to hear your news, and hear a word from you and know you're still there. Even to hear of the weather or perhaps what you and your family have been up to lately~
    Wishing you blessings! and yes, some mojo too~ {We do find 'happy places' when we create} <3 & hugs to you, karen o

  3. Don't give up. Breath, relax and enjoy. Don't push youself. In a sudden you will get the flow back. Something will inspire you but undtil then just relax. We your lovely fans can easily waite no matter have long time it takes. Enjoy the break and go to new adventures. See other thing, and forget the creative. It will for sure come back. We have all tried this so we understand you so very well.
    Many hugs from sunny Denmark

  4. It must be catchy...I am in a funk too!

  5. Don't worry Karen, it happens to all of us! I find it especially hard at this time of the year when there's so much going on in the garden which needs my attention but sooner or later, something will spark with me and I'll grant myself some time to play. Spending some time looking at Pinterest usually helps. Love, Margie xxx

  6. It happens to all artists!!!!! I've gone through those spells and it's not a good feeling. But then ... the magic happens and I'm back at it. It will happen to you, too. Until then? Rest up and enjoy the other part of your brain.


  7. This happens and it is so healthy of you to understand you may just need a little break. Your creative soul will find its way back. You may just need to give it some time. Have a nice day Karen. Treat yourself today to something special just for you.

  8. Sharing mighty hugs~ seasons come where we are filled with projects, finished works, new ideas and then there are seasons where we need to re-fill. Recharge. Take some time to restore the soul <3 You're a treasure!

  9. I've been feeling the same way. Stuck. Yesterday I made a list, something I've more or less given up since I retired, but was absolutely necessary when I was working. I looked at every room in my one-bedroom apartment with balcony and just listed every little thing I wanted to accomplish for summer. Many bullets had sub-bullets because something else needed to be done first....I needed more storage containers to accommodate the off-season items, but even before I could purchase those I need to make a run to my rental storage to determine how many more containers I could squeeze in. This seemed to get me off dead center and I have made great headway this morning clearing off my balcony of everything winter, including an early spring abandoned squirrel's nest!, and am ready to wash down what remains to remove the Rocky Mountain dust that blows into town. I am already plotting my summer decor, the fun part. Seeing it all in writing often does it for me.

  10. God may want you to rest in Him, then you will be back. :)

  11. Dearest Karen. You are a very creative person and at some point on our lives we all need a time of rest. May whatever you are going thru bring you peace and joy. Blessings and smiles, 😊