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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

More Daffodils For Me ~ This Time My Porch ...

Hello my dear friends,

daffodils are one of my favorite flowers.
They just bring so much color and joy to Spring time.

A couple of weeks ago, my daughter Ashleigh and I walked past a flower store where they were displaying potted miniature daffodils and I commented on how much I like them. A few days later my daughter visited me and gifted me one of those little pots of bright yellow Spring flowers which are now happily live on our front porch.

I took these photos on the day I got the little flowers. 
Now there are three times as many flowers blooming.

Don't these little flowers just shout out ..."IT'S SPRING TIME!"?

This fall I am for sure going to plant daffodils in our back yard along our dry riverbed and under the willow tree too. I might even throw in a few colorful tulips and I already can't wait for next Spring to see if they will grow. Hopefully the little squirrels that visit our garden won't eat too many of them though.

Spring time is also the perfect time to have a garage sale or two. 

We had our second garage sale in two weeks this past Saturday and it again went very well. I am sure I am going to miss one or two pieces that I have now sold but hopefully not too much. This time not a single rude person showed up but instead many nice people and a very funny British gentlemen did. We laughed so much about his jokes. He actually left at one stage and returned with his lovely wife Annie. We all had such a good time and it is so good to declutter. It gives you a little fresh breathing space in your home and maybe a tiny bit of space for a new treasure too? 
After the garage sale was done, we donated almost everything that was leftover to a charity store. All of the children's books that were leftover were taken to my older daughter place of work to be donated. People that come to the Credit Union where she works, can buy a book and all of  the proceeds go to the Children's Hospital here in London. Such a good thing to do!

The next project that I am hoping to work on, is to finally paint the hallway and upstairs landing. I have a thing about challenging myself to do things ... like painting my living room, dining room and kitchen a week before Christmas and now ... high walls. I will see if I am going to be able to do it or if in the I will have to hire a painter to do it. I would love to try myself at water coloring. I need a few little paintings for our house, so why not try and make them myself. I also have one more pincushion to make for the lovely Pat which I would like to get done very soon and there is still much more on my to-do list! One thing at a time, I have to tell myself and which ever is done first will be shared here for you too read about.

It is so nice that you stopped by to visit me today ~ it always is!

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. I love those daffodils, I say every year that I am going to plant them, and then I forget about doing it until it is too late. This year, I am putting a reminder on my calendar.

  2. Oh I love the bright perky Daffodils....they certainly are Spring at it's best. With all your talent, you will paint lovely pictures for your walls.

  3. Drove by our library today and it was a delight to see the flowerbeds in front of the building filled with daffodils in bloom...such a beautiful greeting for spring. Glad you didn't have any more rude people at your latest sale!

  4. Nothing says "Spring" like daffodils, lilacs and wood violets. And your porch posies are so inviting. Enjoy - they never last long enough.


  5. Love daffodils too Karen. They are just such sweet and cheerful flowers. Happy Thursday.

  6. My daffodils are over since 2 weeks now. Yours are sooooooooooooo sweet!

    Hugs Ines♥

  7. Dear Karen, your daffodils are beautiful. To me, daffodils and horn violets are pure spring, they make me happy.
    The garage sale sounds really interesting. you don't find it often here in Germany.
    Have a wonderful weekend,love