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Friday, June 17, 2016

Drop Cloth And Roses ~ These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things ..

Hello my dear friends,

I knew that I couldn't stay away from my much loved drop cloth for too long, there is just something so special about it. I love the fact that something like plain drop cloth can be turned in something very pretty.  

 When I thought of my latest creation a few days ago. I just couldn't resist making more of my seam binding roses. Seriously, they are such a joy to make and I have to say it again, ... if you haven't ever made them, you should really try it least once. This time I made a little something pretty that can hang on the wall. I don't think, I have ever made a little wall hanging piece before or at least I can't remember if I have or not.

As many of times before,  my creations start on a scrap of paper ...

... and sooner or later they go from being a drawing on paper  to becoming the actual creation.

Just like my newest one that I am sharing with you today.
I named it ...

...' Drop Cloth And Roses',
... these are a few of my favorite things.

It makes me think of July Andrews singing 'Raindrops on Roses' and I am humming the melody as I am writing this and even though it is a very simple name and an obvious one too, I think the name is beyond perfect for this creation.

At first I wasn't very happy with it once it was done and I just couldn't put my finger on it, why that was how I felt about it but after a little while of sitting back and looking at it, I knew what was bothering me. I changed it (it was something not even worth mentioning really) and now I love it!

The roses in this creation are made from my favorite colored seam binding. I like it so much because it is almost the same shade of color as the drop cloth. The name of this seam binding is ' Coconut' if any of you might like to know. Each rose is made from over a yard of the seam binding and five little glass beads live in each rose's midst.

An antique little clip was the perfect piece to use one this creation
( I think this one came from France ) ...

... and of course some crinkled seam binding was a must.

I also did a little bit of quilting to give this little heart that little something extra and it really does make it look so much nicer.

Another one of my favorites is sari silk ribbon, I just love to work with it and 
I really like the color that I have chosen for the leaves. The color is actually called ... 'Rose Leaves' ... it just couldn't get better really!

I hope you have enjoyed my newest creation. 
I for sure have enjoyed making it and because I did, I am already working on the next one. I decided to make one more needle book with same look as this little hanging heart. It is almost finished and I will be sharing it with all you Lovelies very soon.

Thank you for taking the time to visit me today, here at Todolwen. It is always so nice when you do and I hope you will come back soon again.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. Lovely stichted heart, lovely as ever...

  2. A little something was lost in translation... the words in the song are "raindrops ON roses"... your work is always delightful and inspiring. Thank you.

  3. A little something was lost in translation... the words in the song are "raindrops ON roses"... your work is always delightful and inspiring. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for making me aware of that Nancy, I just changed it now so it is right.
      Wishing you a lovely day.
      Karen B.

  4. Me encanta!!!! gracias por compartir

  5. Lovely as usual.....now I'll have that tune going through my head for the next how many days? I actually love that song, I had to googled it to hear it again and turned the volume up to immerse myself in it. There is a great soundtrack by searching Viennese Waltz Music Andy Williams My Favorite Things.

  6. Gee thanks - now I have that song on a loop in my head! Never mind - it's worth it to see another of your pretty creations.

  7. Sooo lovely. Now I've got that song going through my head. When I was high school and sang in chorus, this was one we sang and was always a favorite. (Probably around the time the movie came out...ooops..giving away my age!!!!!!

  8. Be still my heart. I do believe that this piece is my favorite of everything you've shared to date. It's beautiful.

    Oh - and thanks for making that song stick in my head now!

  9. I adore your juxtaposition of the drop cloth and seam binding roses. Beautifully created. Yes, you have that song running through my head now. Embracing Creative Bliss...

  10. Maravilloso diseño , me encanta ese corazón!!! besos

  11. Be still my heart!!!! Your Heart is SOOOO Beautiful Thank you for sharing photos

    linda m

  12. Your things are just beautiful but I have a question for you. What exactly is drop cloth and what would be the equivalent fabric or material that we would purchase here in the USA. ?Thank you

  13. Hi Louise,
    drop cloth is a 'fabric' that painters use to cover floors and things when they paint. You can buy it at Lowes or Home Depot. I hope this helps.
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  14. I love your heart Karen! I've never used drop cloth before but will definitely be seeking it out after seeing your gorgeous creation... and the "coconut" seam binding is lovely. You've created something very lovely!