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Thursday, April 28, 2016

What Do You Think? ..

Hello my dear friends,

did you notice something different? ... Of course you have!

Since a little while now I had wanted to 'declutter' and simplify Todolwen's look. I already lost my 'baby' once before so instead of doing it myself, I had the lovely Karen Valentine do it for me and I love the new cleaner look. I honestly think that Todolwen was looking a little too busy in the end for me. The background as beautiful as it was, took away from things that were posted at times but now everything is very visible right away. So ... what do you think of the new cleaner look? 

Not only has my blog being simplified, decluttered and given a clean look but now my studio is next in line for this makeover. My shelves are full of creations that I have made over the years and there is not more space for new ones. It is going to be a little hard and a small struggle letting things go but it has to be done. Therefore I am going to be listing items in my Etsy shop soon so they will find new homes to go to and bring a smile to someones face and heart like they did to me and mine. I will let you know once I have started to list items in my Etsy shop.

A lilttle reminder  ...

... don't forget that my 'Christmas To Come' 2016 giveaway is waiting for you to enter your name.
Just click on the button my right sidebar and enter your name for the chance to win and find a surprise Christmas gift under your Christmas tree this year.

And  ...

... have you read my post about helping the world's bees to recover and survive?

You will find a grab button on my right sidebar that will take you to my post that tells you all about it. It is truly something every single one of us can help with and that at a very, very low cost if at all.

 I am leaving you with a few photos I took a few days ago in our backyard, of some of the little  feathered creatures that come to visit.

Thank you for much for taking the time to visit me here at Todolwen. I really love it when you stop by and it so nice to hear from you as well.

I hope you are well my dear friends and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day.


  1. Hi Karen! I LOVE the new look of your blog! Karen Valentine does such wonderful work!I need her to declutter mine as well! I love your photos of the beautiful birds. I wonder if she would come spruce up my studio! Lol!I hope you share photos of your studio when you are finished! ~Sonya

  2. I agree with, Sonya. Love the new look! I too want to see the before and after pics of your creative space = will be even more inspiration from your posts. <3

  3. Great photos of the birds today and I do love your new look. Best of luck with the decluttering of your studio - bet you can't find a thing when its all tidy.......

  4. I like your lighter look... some pages get so busy and jumpy I can't enjoy them as much. Thank you as always for sharing your special creativity...you are an inspiration.

  5. I like your lighter look... some pages get so busy and jumpy I can't enjoy them as much. Thank you as always for sharing your special creativity...you are an inspiration.

  6. Love the new look�� Could you post your link to etsey store? I would love to see what you have.

    1. Ann, the link to Karen's Etsy store is at the top of the page -- the My Etsy button.

  7. Karen: Love the new look, of course I did like the old look also.
    I am excited to see what you post on Etsy, I love your work.
    I have 12 bird feeders in our yard, of course that includes two Humming Bird feeders and two suet feeders.
    Love the bird pictures, we are truly blessed to be able to see and hear them.


  8. Yes, I love the new look. Karen ROCKS (and so do you!)


  9. Personally I liked the old look better. I understand the need to declutter and how freeing that is mentally. I think the white background is a little to stark and glarey (if that is a word) maybe a cream or softer white if that is possible. I love your blog and all you create but you asked so just thought I would give my opinion. Have a creative day!!!

  10. Actually I don't know what has changed except it doesn't feel as soft. But no matter I won't miss a post! I'm still making your paper feathers!

  11. Dear Karen,

    I will come again and again to visit your blog and you can change whatever you want :-)!
    Thank you for the birds. They are all so lovely.

    Hugs Ines♥

  12. I like the new look Karen - although quite truthfully I can't remember what it looked like before. I know it was pretty though! Wonderful birdie pictures - thank you.

  13. I'm with the rest...I really like your newly de-cluttered look. You have such an array of amazing colorful birds visiting you. I'm jealous.