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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I Am Spoiling Myself ... Again!

Hello my dear friends,

do you ever spoil yourselves with something you have wanted for some time? Well, I have decided to do exactly that. I don't tend to do this very often. Lately I very rarely buy treasures to keep but I use them to create and hopefully one day I will sell some of them too! As a matter of fact ... I have only once gifted myself with something from another blogger and that was the lovely needle book I bought from my dear friend Dawn from 'The Feathered Nest'.

I am sure most of you know Dawn's creations and if not, go and take a look!

My newest gift to myself will be a most beautiful nest made by Vicki from 'Two Bags Full'.
I found Vicki's blog a few years ago before I became a blogger and since then I always said to myself that one day I would be the happy owner of one of her creations and now I will. I have placed an order for one of her newest designs ... the shabby chic nest. It is made from beautiful laces and wool! I won't be able to show you my nest for some time because every nest is made to order and every nest has it's time of year when it is created but that's OK I really don't mind waiting for it. I can show you what it will look like with a photo that Vicki took of her first one.


Oh my ... it is so beautiful!!

If you don't know Vicki's blog and her creations ~ you should pop over there right now and take a look at all her wonderful nest creations which she makes from wool and other bits and pieces that she collects on her travels around the world.

My second gift to myself is ...

... a kit from Donna Goss to make her lovely felted crown!

Donna, from Art Studio 522 taught this creation at the Paper Cowgirl last year. I would have loved, loved, loved to have been there to take part in the making of more than one creation but I couldn't unfortunately, so this is a little way of making up for missing out on that. Donna is so sweet to make me a kit up with everything I would need to make one of her little jeweled makings and I can't wait to start!!

I am so excited to be able to create this little jewel!!

Head over to Donna's blog to see all her other lovely creations. She also makes soldered crowns which are so very pretty!

So ... I actually had to write this post twice ... you see when you don't pay attention you sometimes you hit the delete button on something you didn't want to get rid of and that is what happened with this post!

Otherwise... my mind is very busy trying to come up with a few new ideas to create ~ at the moment to my disliking the heat is having some negative effects on that but not only on that! It is also keeping me from finally finishing my outdoor project aka garden/backyard which I so want to be done now.
I am hoping that in a week I will finally be able to move the last shovel of rock and then my tools can rest and so can I for a little while.

I hope to see you here again, very soon, at Todolwen and until then ...

I hope you are well and life is treating you kind.

Have a peaceful and creative day,


Karen B.


  1. Oh sweet friend, I am so honored to be included in your list of things you love!!! I was so fortunate to have WON one of Vicki's gorgeous nests...and still treasure it so ~ and Donna's crowns? You will SO love making them!! I saw several when we were teaching at Paper Cowgirls and I know yours will be absolutely stunning...she's so sweet too!! The heat here is unbearable and I know you must be suffering too. I love seeing your progress outdoors and hope you will have a little relief soon, but in the meantime look forward to seeing all that you do ~ I always love stopping by to see all that you are up to Karen! hugs and love, Dawn

  2. What beautiful, beautiful gifts, Karen!
    Those gorgeous crowns look so much fun to make, I'm sure you'll enjoy each and every minute.
    Monica x

  3. Gorgeous things, you bought.I love the needle book, it is so delicate.
    Have a great day, Karen,


  4. Girlfriend--- so YOU are the cause of the great commotion in my email box!!!!! You are so sweet to highlight my nest on your beautiful blog--I just found out that you are the reason for my new rash of emails---

    Your nest will be beautiful and special-- just for you-
    Thank you for sharing the things you love -
    I'm so grateful to be included in your list!!