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Friday, November 11, 2011

Today We Shall Remember

Hello my dear friends,

today we shall remember all those who fought for us and lost their lives, those who were injured and those who are still apart from their loved ones waiting to return home.

My husband is a retired soldier who served 24 years in the British army. 

We are one of the lucky families ~ he always came home ...

... many other families were not so lucky.

Today we remember those families all over this world and their loved ones that didn't come home ~ yesterday ... last week ... last month ... last year ... ten years ago or many more years ago.

Remember them ...

... and never forget ...

... where ever they may be.

I wish you all a peaceful day,

Karen B.

1 comment:

  1. My (late) husband fought in the Korean war and lost his left leg overthere and after 180 days in that war, he came back in 1952.
    I married him in 1981, he died suddenly in 1985,only 54 years old.
    He was 17 years older , but a lovely and sweet husband for me and a good stepfather for my son.
    I was lucky i met him and married him.
    We, in the Netherlands, have a Memorialday on the 4th. of May.
    But i can imagine(hope) you remember also the soldiers who died in Korea.
    So thank you very much for this sweet message.