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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

For The Love Of Nests

Hello my dear friends,

I can't believe that I almost forgot to share these with you! They have been tucked away on a shelf in my garage all summer and just now it popped into my mind that I haven't told you about them.

Last spring our city decided to have a big spring clean for all the trees. For weeks you would see workmen out with ladders and saws clipping all the avenue trees in our neighbourhood of overhanging branches making sure that trucks and large vehicles wouldn't damage them or be damaged. Unfortunately that also meant that branches with birds nests would have to be removed as well.

On one morning I was taking a walk and I spoke to one of the workers asking what they do with the nests to which he replied that the would be thrown away into the chipper just like all the other branches. I thought it was very sad that something so beautiful would just be destroyed so I asked if he would keep the nests he would have to remove.

Some days later I received these from him.

This nest had fallen out of the branches as they were being cut off. Even though it hit the ground it is in perfect condition! I find it amazing what a little feathered creature can do with it's beak.

These two both were cut down very carefully with the branches. One is a larger nest ...

and the other is a smaller one ..

 and it even still has a nut attached in the center of it!

I am so fortunate to have these wonderful creations of nature! I would have been such a shame for them just to been thrown into the trash. I still have to treat them before I can take them inside my house. My dear friend Dawn at the "Feathered Nest" has given me advice on what to do to make it possible. Thank you Hun!

These are my newest findings from a thrift store.

I found these "man-made" nests in a local thrift store a few days ago. They look almost real and the neat thing is that they can stand freely. I just have to find the right place for them now.

Last but not least ...

... I would like you to meet Patches. She is a small neighbourhood cat that we love so much. In the summer time she sleeps in our front yard a lot under the evergreens where it is nice and cool in the shade and in the winter - before the snow comes - she rests on our front door mat. She must like us very much too.

She is such a precious little cat, so gentle and affectionate. I think everybody should have such a lovely critter in their life. Don't you?

I hope you are all well.

Have a peaceful and creative day,

Karen B.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful little nests.
    Your pincushion from the last post is so sweet...as is the neighbourhood kitty.